Author Topic: THE WAR ON WHITE PEOPLE  (Read 2249 times)

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« on: April 05, 2015, 10:18:53 pm »
I don't know if you have noticed but in the media they really seem to hit that whitey is the problem, now even though I am black I have a problem with this. Why doesn't the left see that they are being racist to white people, white people weren't the only ones who enslaved people and conquered land. The human race has been doing that for thousands of years, it is just human nature. I don't mean to use the TV show but it was literally a game of thrones AND IT STILL IS?!

Anyway that is my rant over, so what do you guys think about this topic, does it ruffle your feathers as much as mine?

If you have time, check out this film. I ave been waiting for a film like this to come out for a while, the pure hypocrisy of the left and how they use white people as an easy way out, it is a very even handed film as well as very well research because it goes into who funds this ideology and how it all came about.