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Mirrors in The Shining
« on: March 04, 2015, 07:29:26 pm »
Mirrors Theory
The Shining really is a very complex film, in this topic I’d like to mention an unrecognized fact, until now. In some explanations of the movie, we see a reference to the transition of different dimensions of the hotel (Ex: The Golden Hall, the two floors in which Danny goes with his tricycle, etc), and this become even clearer if we notice an absence of people reflections in certain parts of movie. In this post I will give two examples:

1°-The Golden Hall (1:03:00)
We can see in this part of the movie that Jack moves to another dimension of the hotel, because before he enters the hall and have the talk with Mr. Grady in the red (impossible) bathroom, he passes by a corridor with many mirrors, and in the third one Jack lost his image, a clear evidence of his transition. Besides the fact of this part of the film is the beginning of Jack’s madness, to me, this parts show the transition between the sane Jack and the mad Jack (with contact with ghosts).

2°-The Red Bathroom (1:25:20)
In other theories this bathroom is already mentioned because of his physically impossible localization, he also denotes to us a meaning that, in the context of the madness that Jack enters in the corridor aforementioned, the bathroom appears as a symbol of the neutrality of him in the context. I mean, in the real dimension his image cannot be seen, but in the madness reality his reflection show up.

3°-Torrance Family’s Room (1:31:42)
This particularly scene the mirrors don’t show any images of Wendy multiple times and, besides the fact that Kubrick here appears to want to expose to us this strange dimension, this also coincide with the ”missing” of Danny and the “control” of Tony, when he says “Danny’s gone away, Mrs. Torrance”, showing us again that in this dimension the madness rules. We also can notice that Wendy keeps repeating to Danny (or Tony) to woke up, we can interpret this line as she saying to herself to woke up from this dimension.

4°-Jack’s Image in Family’s Room(54:03)
This is another great scene. We can interpret her in three ways in my vision: the one that shows that jack still is sane, but starting to get mad(confirmed by the fact of the real room, and the real image),the one that shows that the other dimension(Jack in the mirror)looks towards jack measuring his actions, with an unceasing way of saying “im already here”, and the last one that implies in the notion  that Danny could communicate with the other dimension with help of Tony(confirmed by the entire conversation which Danny shows to the public his fear of the father. Can this be a idea planted by Tony, who is in contact with the mad Jack).

5°-The Room 237(1:15:23)
The emblematic room 237 in the movie, it’s also a point to my theory, because we can see that both Jack and Danny can enter the room, and see it, which could mean that this room its exclusive of the mad dimension. Besides this fact we can also appoint that Mad Jack enter the room and kiss the beautiful woman in the mad dimension, but looking through the mirror, towards the other dimension, he sees the old Witch.

This is the fundamental part of the movie to understand this theory. When Tony writes the Red rum(Murder) in the door, it means that the being from Mad Dimension(that’s why he wrote it in the opposite way), Tony, it’s trying to interfere in the reality. We can see it as a warning to his friend and his friend mother. We can also notice that when he warns Wendy, Tony leaves this dimension and Danny “get back”, as we can see in his face demonstrating fear.

Summarizing, this parts, and many other ones(not cited because of the irrelevance, or to be easy to understand, following this line of thinking) show us that Kubrick may wanted to explore a bi dimensional conflict in the hotel, not only with the “ghost” but a manifestation of one dimension in another one, for example, the transformation of Jack during the film, and the warning of Tony.

Ps:follow the time along the explanation to see to which parts i refer to

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Re: Mirrors in The Shining
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Gonna have to re-watch it now :D
Many thanks.

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Re: Mirrors in The Shining
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Big mirror at very start :D