Author Topic: Scots Nationalists Ready for New Battle as Support Surges  (Read 2045 times)

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Scots Nationalists Ready for New Battle as Support Surges
« on: November 14, 2014, 04:44:42 am »
Scots Nationalists Ready for New Battle as Support Surges
13 November 2014
, by Rodney Jefferson (Bloomberg)


Scotland’s army of nationalists is gathering support and preparing for another battle.

Membership of the Scottish National Party, whose campaign for independence from the U.K. gained the backing of 45% of voters in a referendum on Sept. 18, has more than tripled since the ballot.

The new recruits join traditional supporters and the leadership today and tomorrow for their last annual party conference before U.K. elections in May next year.

“I was quite apolitical and disengaged, and then after the referendum it took me about three or four days to decide,” Kirsty Reid, 32, who joined the party after voting “yes” to independence and is now running for a local-council seat in Moray, northern Scotland, said in an interview yesterday.

“Politics is for all of us and we should be involved in it.”

Less than two months since their referendum defeat, the nationalists suddenly find themselves with potentially a better chance than ever before to shape the politics of the country they have been agitating to leave.

While the rise of the U.K. Independence Party, which opposes immigration and the European Union, threatens to sweep up votes in England, the SNP is capitalizing on a surge in support in Scotland.

With polls suggesting a close-run election and neither of the two largest parties winning a majority in the House of Commons, Scotland is another wild card that could sway the outcome.

“As an election machine, they’ve been strengthened with ground troops,” Edinburgh University’s Nicola McEwen, co-head of the Centre on Constitutional Change, said in an interview.

“It looks like the losers won and the winners lost.”
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