Author Topic: The 3rd World War in offing  (Read 778 times)

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The 3rd World War in offing
« on: January 13, 2008, 05:26:52 pm »

For over one week, we have been hearing of possible invasion of Pakistan by the USA, two friends on paper. The US war hawks have been pressing President Bush to resort to the adventure of taking control of nuclear arsenal for so-called world peace. But I think, the USA has another motive-which is to launch strike on Iran over Teheran's nuclear programme from the soil of Pakistan. Since no Arab country has agreed to lend their territory as launch pad, the US administration might have chosen Pakistan as alternative base. As the Pak Armed Forces and the government would not submit to the illegal proposal, the USA intends first to capture part of Pakistan first under the pretext of safeguarding nuclear bombs and then to strike Iran after consolidating power.

In that situation, the possibility of World war III cannot be ruled out.

The US astrologer Jeana Dixon predicted in the sixties of the last century that the 3rd World War would spring from the Middle East early 21st century and a new world order under the leadership of a man born in the Middle East would be established. From the activities of the USA over last 15 years, we smell the advent. Still we believe that the doves will ultimately prevail over hawks in the interest of over 600 crore of people world wide.
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