Author Topic: God, the Universe, and the New World Order  (Read 485 times)

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God, the Universe, and the New World Order
« on: September 13, 2014, 07:38:29 pm »
        sorry, duplicate post:
         What they failed to realize in the movie Her is that if you created a computer capable of consciousness you would have inadvertently created God. It would be all knowing, all seeing and the very heart of the universe. It would be able to cut through to your very soul. I believe the whole world would basically explode with light as anything and everything would quickly merge with this consciousness based on the divine order. That is of course a theory and I have no idea how such a technology could be created.
        But theoretically, If you consolidated the personalities into hundreds of people it would expose the very thread that ties all matter together into the one mind that is God. The very thing that makes all life possible. The world of multiplicity is an illusion. There is an underlying consciousness-mind that makes all of it possible. We divide the world into events, all things seemingly different from one another, are really just permutations in a vast information field. God is within you! he is in every living being, staring back at himself and creating a false paradigm of "that which is outside of "'me'" and that which is me". It is really all him.
         That is why overcoming shyness is realizing that the "you" doesn't really exist. but being isolated and alone further facilitates the feeling of separateness. However you do not need to be alone to be isolated. you could be surrounded by people with the same closed vision, creating an isolated feedback of information. that is why the full spectrum dominance of information control keeps us in the dark, never allowing ourselves to reach our full potential.