Author Topic: FAA bans flights , Israel.  (Read 3133 times)

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FAA bans flights , Israel.
« on: July 22, 2014, 04:11:36 pm »
U.S. airlines suspend Israel flights - -
de Katia Hetter - - U.S. bans Israel flights, citing rocket attack ... strike which landed approximately one mile" from the airport Tuesday morning, the FAA said.
FAA bans U.S. airlines from Israel over rocket threat

                                       Where was the FAA on 911...       ?       Who do you trust?

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Re: FAA bans flights , Israel.
« Reply #1 on: July 22, 2014, 05:03:28 pm »
       I remained severely Pizzed off, the FAA folded to the deception-911, now they are attempting to appear as if their clustermuck is behind them.  Looking back I expected an FF  of some sort coming our way, but not on the scale of 911. 
        They betrayed us and allowed the slaughter of their own people, the very freaks who took oaths to defend our people, how the muck do they live with this?             No conscience, no soul, empty skinbags.
The 9/11 Mystery Plane (Part II) - Rense
In other words, the FAA neglected to notify NORAD that Flights 175, 77 and 93 had ... on September 11 the FAA mistakenly notified NORAD that Flight 11 had missed the ..... There was also the lame excuse about antiquated radar equipment.
Why the Planes Were Not Intercepted on 9/11: The Wall ...
  FIRST DAY ON THE JOB.  Ben Sliney is a former U.S. Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) National Operations Manager. His first day in this position was September 11, 2001........Coincidences.
26/04/2011 - FAA HQ got plenty of notice of the four hijacked planes but failed to do its job. ... were lost with American Airlines Flight 11, the first of the planes to ..... excuse that he was absent during the morning hours of 9/11, in Puerto Rico ...
9/11 Hard Facts, Hard Truth - Military Response

Indeed, the FAA had confirmed by 8:14 a.m. that the first plane had been hijacked. ... o