Author Topic: Illuminati Takes Down Malaysian Airline MH17 to Hide the Cure For Aids??  (Read 6781 times)

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It is known that the top 100 AIDS research scientists — including Jope Lange the former president of the International AIDS Society – were on board Malaysian Airliner MH17 and headed for an AIDS conference in Sydney, Australia.
It is also known that pharmaceutical industries, many of whom are run by the government, do not want a cure for diseases to be found because of the profits they make off of medicines.
Furthermore, many are aware of the global elite’s agenda to depopulate the earth by hundreds of thousands. After all we have heard it from many globalists themselves including: George Soros, Bill Gates, Clinton, Rothschild, and more.
If we take all of these ‘clues’ into consideration would it be safe to assume that the scientist on board MH17 were about to present breakthrough research which could have resulted in the AIDS cure? Could these men have been ‘taken out’ by the global elitists in order to protect their highly-profitable AIDS industry, which generates billions of dollars for government run pharmaceutical companies? These questions and more are addressed in the video below….

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