Author Topic: MH-17-Drumbeats of War In the Air? US Blames Putin For MH17 Disaster!  (Read 3919 times)

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PLEASE SHARE! Potential war on the horizon? BREAKING NEWS UPDATE: In the midst of the war breaking out in the Middle East, ISIS, and now this? Tension is rising, the heat is on, and It’s getting pretty serious! Are all of these events leading up to something far worse, on a global level?

MH-17-Drumbeats of War In the Air? Things Getting VERY SERIOUS, Tension Escalates as USA Blame Vladimir Putin For MH17 Disaster: the Consequences Could Be Extremely Dire! (Video)

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The United States is behind the victims' families downed over Ukraine so relatives of the victims sued to European Court for Human Rights - President Putin and Russia for shooting down the plane MH17. They are seeking damages of 165 million euros.