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 I just returned, in the last hour or so, from a SCOTTISH independence Meeting. I went as a 'listener' because I convinced myself in advance that I'm just not informed. So I believed but once I found out that they're woefully prejudiced, railing against NIGEL FARAGE and UKIP, and mostly PRO-EURO in other words Pro introducing the EURO in the UK mainland via scotland from about 2016 (IF THEY CAN RIG IT), I realised my agit-prop INFOWORRIER viewpoint was all it required to Completely Knock over all Ten Pins.

 It was all very, very quaint with accompanying female EX POLICE OFFICER giving a 25-minute talk for why we need to break with england. She somehow managed to insert awfully poorly rehearsed and badly timed references to 'CONSPIRACY THEORIES' and "Barking up the wrong trees", whilst not failing to start her 20 minute talk with commenting about "Voices in my Head telling me what to say".

 When I pointed out these amusing discrepencies later on, at the end of the meet, her accompying Body Builder type Boyfriend attempted to stare-me-out slightly macho style as she flipped "Anyway ..."; as if my being there was an irrelevance and about as important as an errant bumble-bee who needed 'shushing away'.

 Clearly women and politics don't mix well either. Men and politics can be a bloody nightmare in of itself.

 No really. It's very funny. You see there were these kids in the upper meeting rooms above, perhaps doing sports, (the town hall) and she managed to assimilate the loud thumping and banging and describe it as "Like The Voices I hear in my head, telling me what to do". How bizarre is that. We're on upward winning ground folks. Just keep your cool and these people will just make fools of themselves. Don't worry! I pointed out the fact, and was rebuted by another women for insulting her, by not letting the "Voices in my Head" comment go by, as if it's a good and normal thing for a woman to hear voices that tell her what to do. So! Officialdom are hearing Voices in their Heads telling them what to do?! I'd get that seen to dear!

 No wonder they're ex-this, ex-that., ex-the other, former Agency Professionals.

  I'm was really guite good. I got off points about the Ukrainians wanting a bailout and having a faction of Fascists and warned them that adopting the EURO would be the nail in the coffin for Scotland. I wore my Outer Hebrides Tweed Jacket that my Pop left me, and which is at least 40-yrs old if a day, and everyone was very attentive. I actually was amazed as I looked around me, as I talked and everyone was very attentive.

 There were some interesting and not wholly unlikeable people there. All Pro-Sessation from the Union but the chair asserted nobody from the opposite side would come.  Maybe that's why I felt I had to go. Though my sentiments were not alone, and several older Scots Gents voiced severe concerns about EU membership, stating correctly: 'There is no such thing as Independence in the Federal Union of States.

I did a very polite, very lucid, effort and local Power Politics People (The Glamorati of Scots Independence in the region) were even happy to talk to me. Even a couple of smiles were forthcoming. The ex-police woman who hears voices in her head because of the conspiracy theories she reads ...(sic) didn't like me at all. I think these types could most likely be scheduled as a regular feature of the 'YES' independence campaign tour bus.

 Mad Police Officers with voices, rabbiting on about 'Conspiracy Theories' and 'Barking up wrong trees'.

 Elaine in the shining Brown Legs, the local former secretary to a Member of the European Parliament was making eyes at everyone, she's very good looking but totally naive about the real-world relationship between England and Scotland.

 There was a very lucid description from a fellow Lancastrian, author of 'The Cull', (look it up), it's about FMD 2001 and Heroin Abuse in Scotland, who gave me the Plot later on, to his latest yet unpublished novel about the smuggled 'nuclear briefcase bomb' going off at Faslane Nuclear Submarine Base if Scotland gets Independence, as part of a Conspiracy ... Admits he doesnt make a living from writing (keep up the day job, etc) and that few authors do.
 - His main point was that if Scotland goes independant the US positioned NUKES here (which make Scotland a Russian 'Target' [what still?] will GO under the SNP (Scottish Nationalists) if Jock Gets ISOLATION, I mean Independance.  NO they won't! Who are you kidding.

 I started with, as my introductory remark to all of this:

 "Just what Fantasaical Dream World do you inhabit?". Evidently it's not Harry-Potter land folks. Uh-oh!
 The Harry Potter author J. K. Rowlins, this week donated a MILLION Pounds Sterling to the NO campaign which upset both women talkers present but too late, nothing you can do. Our eyes met once again and I dropped hints about Broom sticks.

 Oh such fun was had only on the run.

  of the Faslane Nuclear Polaris Base which continues as the US's prime Nuclear Subs Centre in western europe to this day

 I mean it COULD start a huge conflict if SCOTLAND starts demanding Bailouts from ENGLAND.
— Imagine that! And that could happen! What's to stop it happening! It's the EURO-BANKING-MODEL.
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