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Looks like my ex-wife's nephew is getting the railroad in Santa Maria. This case is currently being heard in court. I knew Dan for ten years.

He is a good guy and could't do the cya blue line nonsense.

Effing Mexican Cops were doing the white 17-year-old police Explorer.


Former Santa Maria police Lt. Dan Ast talks with one of his his attorneys Jonathan Miller during an arbitration hearing over his firing from the department in 2012. Len Wood/Staff

“Money” was the reason he did it, Martin said, testifying that Flores was allowed to work overtime in a position that Dennis Gonzales, who is representing the city of Santa Maria, referred to as a “plum job.”

The city’s position is that Ast would do anything to take down Flores so that he or one of his lieutenant friends in the department could take over his job.
Prior to opening statements Harris said that in
25 years of handling police discipline, she has not seen a case where the appellant’s attorney had not been provided the Internal Affairs report and ordered that Gonzales turn over the information to Ast’s attorney, Jonathan Miller.

In his opening statement Miller told the hearing officer that Ast’s role in the Covarrubias incident was “minor at best” and that he was just doing what his superior, Cmdr. Craig Ritz, told him to do.

“He didn’t make the plan to arrest Covarrubias,” Miller said.

“He didn’t pull the trigger,” Miller added.

Miller said the real reason Martin fired his client on March 22, 2013, was that he was a “whistle blower” who reported sexual misconduct among officers and unsafe working conditions including excessive overtime on the part of some traffic officers on Jan. 16, 2012, 12 days before the fatal shooting of Covarrubias.

Miller questioned the length of time between Covarrubias’ shooting, conclusion of the internal affairs investigation in December 2012, and Ast’s termination in March 2013.

An independent investigation by the Santa Barbara County District Attorney’s Office in March 2013 found there was no evidence of underlying criminal violations by any Santa Maria Police Department personnel with respect to the Covarrubias incident.

After the whistle-blowing Miller said eight internal affairs investigations were generated against Ast and two others, Lt. James Ginter and Lt. Norm Come. On April 9, 2013, after Ast had already been terminated, the former supervisor learned that he had been the target of retaliation by another officer, Jesse Garcia.

Miller told Harris that six police officers knew of Covarrubias’ alleged “rape of a minor” but failed to report it to the District Attorney’s office, which is required under the law. Miller also said former Police Chief Danny Macagni and Chief Martin have “shielded” these individuals because they are still with the department.

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Re: Lieut. Dan Ast fired whistle blower PEDO cop scandal Santa Maria CA
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Effing Mexican Cops were doing the white 17-year-old police Explorer.  Another Cop shoots the perp whole thing gets whitewashed and Lieut.  Dan gets the Can for being a whistleblower!

Federal suit filed against city, Covarrubias family


Attorneys representing a juvenile police Explorer Scout have filed a federal lawsuit against Santa Maria, the widow of deceased police Officer Alberto Covarrubias Jr., and various members of the city’s Police Department alleging the teenager was raped repeatedly by Covarrubias in January and also faced fear, intimidation and death threats.

Covarrubias was shot and killed by fellow officer Matthew Kline, who is one of many officers implicated in the suit, in the early morning hours of Jan. 28 as supervisors tried to arrest Covarrubias as a result of the alleged sexual relationship with the 17-year-old girl.

The 29-year-old officer was on duty and dismantling a sobriety checkpoint when he was killed after allegedly firing a shot as he struggled to avoid arrest.

The Covarrubias shooting is one of eight officer-involved shootings in northern Santa Barbara County in the last nine months, and it has created a growing divide between many members of the community and the police department.

The 19-page suit, filed Tuesday in U.S. District Court by Woodland Hills attorneys Terry Goldberg and Bradley Gage, lists five causes of action including a lack of training and supervision rising to the level of deliberate indifference, as well as negligent supervision and sexual harassment.

It includes Gloria Covarrubias, the officer’s widow, as the representative of his estate.

The suit alleges that on Dec. 31, 2011, Covarrubias “embarked on a nefarious scheme to intimidate and rape” the juvenile plaintiff, referred to in the suit as Jane Doe, and that Covarrubias and other defendants acted under the direction of the Police Department and former Police Chief Danny Macagni.

Macagni resigned Friday after being put on administrative leave earlier last week.