Author Topic: Cover-Up! Fukushima 800 Dead, Missing, or Killed! Government Keeping Silent! R  (Read 1210 times)

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There is nothing more fearful to our government then an uprising of the people. I suspect that when the truth of Fukushima is not longer kept under wraps and the evidence becomes too hard to ignore; the public will outcry! As a result the government will respond with martial law under the veil of “safety and convenience.” Meaning whatever part of the world you live in–when disaster occurs—you’ll be under martial law and possible placed in an internment camp (aka: RX-84, FEMA camp).
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 This Cover-Up, blankets the truth, better than an Volcanic Eruption !

The only quality that all govs. have in common, is the art of being---LIARS!!!
"When the Truth was murdered:
Common Sense ran away..."