Author Topic: CRAIGSLIST KILLER: Miranda Barbour killed more than 22 in Satanic cult  (Read 1194 times)

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19-year-old Miranda Barbour met with 42-year-old Troy LaFerrara in the parking lot of Susquehanna Valley Mall in Sunbury Pennsylvania, about 50 miles north of Harrisburg.

The two had met on Craigslist and Barbour agreed to have sex with LaFerrara for $100. Barbour said LaFerrara groped her while they were in her Honda CRV. Then she lied and told him she had just turned 16. LaFerrara said that was OK.

Which was the wrong thing to say.

On Barbour's signal, her husband, Elytte, who had been hiding on the floor of the back seat under a blanket, sprung to action and strangled LaFerrara with a cord. Then Miranda pulled out a knife and stabbed him to death. Court reports say LaFerrara was knifed more than 20 times.

The Barbours are now in custody and Miranda may face the death penalty.

However, new information has surfaced in the gruesome tale.

Miranda has come forward to confess to having killed more than 22 people from Alaska to North Carolina.

The mother of one claims she was sexually molested by a relative at the age of 4, then initiated into a Satanic cult at 13, which is when she first killed someone.

She said the leader of the cult asked her to kill a man who had owed him money and when she hesitated with a gun in her hand, he wrapped his own hand around hers and forced her to pull the trigger.

While part of the cult, she participated in several murders. After falling pregnant by cult's second-in-command who was later murdered, she moved to North Carolina to start her life over again.

Miranda and Elytte married three weeks before the murder of LaFerrara. She claims she only killed bad people and that if LaFerrara had refused her after she had lied about her age, she would have let him go