Author Topic: Korn Singer -- Obama is a Dictator Who Uses Miley Cyrus & Kanye West to Destroy  (Read 9802 times)

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Korn Singer -- Obama is a Dictator Who Uses Miley Cyrus & Kanye West to Destroy America

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Guess I'm crazy if he's crazy because I feel the same way.

I break it down like this:

Group A: Are the people that like entertainment related stuff. You like listening to these songs/albums, reading these books, watching these tv shows/movies. You're half way connected to the bubble. You don't make this into your whole life.

Group B: Are the people that go into zombie mode. They want to know every single thing about their favorite celebrity they like and the favorite celebrity they hate. I've already explained this on another post of mine but I'll go into it here as well. I really point out how the media acts when a celebrity dies in a shocking way or at a young age. They turn death into a sideshow freakshow. Want examples? Michael Jackson and Anna Nicole Smith. Both lived and died in their own little real life soap opera and people eagerly tuned in to watch the next parts of each "twist" unfolding.

But it goes beyond death. A lot of attention is showered on the people that are going through rough times in their lives. Doesn't matter if we're talking troubles with the law (Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton), drugs (Justin Bieber), alcohol problems or mental health problems. Britney Spears, Amanda Bynes, and Charlie Sheen could be examples for the last category. It's like living in a "Dirty Laundry" bubble. I see how you stomp all over people, make them sink to the lowest depths, and then you start kissing ass again if they get their lives back in order. It's constantly an up and down cycle.

But it's also anything scandalous or any kind of a big event (marriages, pregnancies, breakups). Miley twerking, Kanye and Kim's soap opera, it's all of it. Maybe some people can still focus on the important stuff and lightly follow the cotton candy fluff. But some people can't and won't do it. "Oh, that stuff is so boring, so depressing. Let's act like we're at the water cooler 24/7".

But I can't point finger at celebrities all the time. People have a sports team mentality going on and very rarely can they confess and say they were wrong to ever support this person, this party. I'm bolding this part because I think this is the most important part of my post: It disappoints me and depresses me when people sacrifice their beliefs because of a politician or political party. What does it say when you rant and rave about the other side when it concerns the stuff you think are right and wrong but you get as quiet as little church mice when your side is running the show? I don't think it should work like that. Keep your beliefs, speak up about them, never go quiet, don't throw it all away like last week's garbage. Your beliefs should be more important than that. And it nauseates me when I see anybody still kissing somebody's ass when that person should be scorned--whether they're a puppet or not.

Fear is an excellent way to manipulate people. And using distractions is the best way to sneak something in that you want hidden from the public. Titanic is sinking. But I just don't like how the deck chairs are arranged. I'm really obsessing over the deck chairs. I want them moved over there. No, I changed my mind--move them over here. Maybe they were in the best area to start with? Move them back where they were. And what's happening while this is all happening? Oh yeah.

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The whole entertainment industry is out to destroy America, they get their money from Globalists if they play along and get shunned if they don't.