Author Topic: Oby shakes hands w/Castro, Lil J.McCain pizzes himself.  (Read 2070 times)

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Oby shakes hands w/Castro, Lil J.McCain pizzes himself.
« on: December 10, 2013, 01:42:56 pm »

Obama-Castro handshake draws criticism
Sen. John McCain likens the greeting with the Cuban leader to shaking hands with Hitler.

  I'm not a commie, that said: Cuba was run by the former dictator  Batista ,  a sold out cruel M.F., the mafia & supercorps and on the pad Pols had it made. 
  Had we supported the revolution rather than fund a  dictator Cubans would have loved and respected us,  communism would not exist in that tiny Island.  The Mafia took a beating in their fun city - Cuba..
  When F.Castro visited NYC he got a ticker tape parade.. Just my opinion,,he had nowhere else to set a platform, he was stonewalled here USA pols and Mafia-wasn't he!
   Not saying he is to be opted for sainthood or that I agree with his politics, simply he took on the mafia and the dirty pols, I'll give him that much.