Author Topic: Is Life a Game? Then Play your Part, For Victory!  (Read 4128 times)

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Is Life a Game? Then Play your Part, For Victory!
« on: October 18, 2013, 02:11:43 am »
 The control freaks in charge, think life is a nothing but a game, and they love playing out their parts in 'Adventure Land.'

 Money Grubbers, Politicians, Psychopaths; and Sociopaths; etc..., all play a part and now they want to play Forever in the Land of Singularity--where man and machine become one [not going to happen].

 We, Who, believe that LIFE is PRECIOUS; understand that this Is NOT a GAME! Life is a journey through time and into history.

 Always remember the mind set of the enemy; they are little children playing a Game of Death.

 To defeat their game plan: WE must start playing our part in LIFE!

 For over 30 years I have sailed on the Sea of Uncertainty and my part has always been: MY BIG MOUTH IN PUBLIC; as I always get personal with the Truth about our equal humanity--Then I unleash about the New World Order; and how much they HATE US ALL.

 Most people are Very Interested in what I have to say; and want to learn more---so I keep MY BIG MOUTH RUNNING---this may seem like a small endeavor: But it does work!

 Plus I can tell them how much JESUS LOVES THEM---and that is a VICTORY---Play your parts my friends; and you, know, your Gifts and Strong Points----VICTORY will only be ours, If We Fight For It! and! Yes! 'V' is for VICTORY!  
"When the Truth was murdered:
Common Sense ran away..."