Author Topic: Dick Durbin's Dreamer: 'F*** Israel'  (Read 2833 times)

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Dick Durbin's Dreamer: 'F*** Israel'
« on: September 18, 2013, 10:23:09 pm »
Dick Durbin's Dreamer: 'F*** Israel'

Alaa Mukahhal, the "Dreamer" who has been praised on the floor of the Senate by Dick Durbin (D-IL) as an activist "in the finest American tradition," wrote a short and obscene assessment of Israel and its supporters on her Facebook page that was "Liked" by a former congressional staffer named Lindsay Schubiner, also a Dream activist.

On September 12 via mobile, Alaa posted to her Facebook page [language warning]:

    f**k Israel. f**k Zionists and all the Zionist apologists. f**k them all.

The comment was Liked by Schubiner, a Dream activist who is the former senior policy adviser for Rep. Hansen Clarke (D-Michigan) and a sometime blogger on immigration issues for the Huffington Post.

Her biography as a Jeremiah Fellow at Jews United for Justice—a group dedicated to allowing members to weave together Judaism and activism—describes her thus:

    Lindsay Schubiner grew up in metro Detroit and moved to D.C. by way of NYC and Boston. She has studied public health and urban planning, and is particularly interested in the intersection of these two fields and their impacts on racial and economic justice. Lindsay currently serves the people of metro Detroit through her work in the U.S. House of Representatives, though she continues to believe that social change is truly created through organizing. She has supported organizing around housing, gentrification, and labor issues and loves biking, dancing, and a good protest.

Schubiner is also the lesbian partner of Prerna Lal, the Dream activist and co-founder of, the site that Breitbart News exposed for an article teaching illegal immigrants how to lie. Prerna Lal has been previously featured on Breitbart News for her tweets about killing and eating white invaders and in an exclusive by Breitbart's Matthew Boyle about a bizarre plan to get U.S. citizens to pose as illegal aliens in order to have them deported.

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