Author Topic: Congressman Luetkemeyer Proves We’re Living in the Film Idiocracy  (Read 15921 times)

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Remember that movie Idiocracy where the planet is suffering because the people in their supreme idiocy are ruining the planet and themselves in ridiculous ways such as watering their crops with Brawndo (an electrolyte beverage that curiously resembles Gatorade) instead of water, which is killing the plants (and can't be good for the people either) — ?

Most of us know the damage caused by fluoride to our bodies.  It seems even the EPA has some common sense regarding the issue of sulfuryl fluoride as well as they,
...saw fit to phase out all tolerance levels for sulfuryl fluoride in 2011.
  So why does LuetKemeyer insist on allowing the use of such dangerous substances?  Should we write more letters to these congressmen and officials or should we join together and boycott it?  I think we need to let these guys in office know how serious we are about not wanting this stuff in our water or anything else, for that matter.  I'm not talking violence here because I definitely do not favor that kind of retaliation.  What else can we do to fight this misuse of these substances in our water?