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Thought I'd share this information that has since been removed from commercial availability.

Dr. Schulze's parents died of heart disease when he was 16. Shortly after, doctors informed him that he had a congenital heart defect, and would soon die without open heart surgery. The thought of that scared him more than dying, so he walked out of the office. He gradually learned more about natural healing from various people, and overcame his heart problem.

Later on, he discovered Dr. John Christopher who would become he teacher. He also learned from other natural practitioners such as Bernard Jensen and Pavvo Ariola. During his training, while working in the lab, he suffered an accident which resulted in 4th degree burns to his entire hand. Doctors told him the only option was a skin graft, and that his hand would never regain function. He recounts his story of how he healed his hand.

Eventually, he opened an underground clinic that lasted for 20 years. During this time, he saw thousands of patients, with all manner of diseases labeled incurable by conventional medicine. These included AIDS, all types of cancer, MS and other nervous system disorders, heart disease, and even case of paralysis. Patients were more often than not ones who had been given a hopeless prognosis. Many were what he called the 'walking dead' -- such as cancer patients who had lived beyond their prognosis, and were coming to him because they had nothing left to lose.

His teacher, Dr. Christopher was arrested 5 times over the course of his practice. Dr. Schulze was arrested 6 times during his career. He operated an underground clinic that was by referral only, but in the 90s a SWAT team battered his door down in the middle of the night and arrested him. He escaped prison on a technicality, but was banned from practice from then on.

In the early 90s, a man named Sam Biser interviewed him over a period of months, and took down as much of Schulze's knowledge as he could. Sam Biser has since stopped selling this product, has retained copyright, refused to allow others to share it, and has refused use of it even to Schulze. Schulze has produced other works since then, but they are watered down because of government restrictions.

These materials here are the originals -- available thanks to piracy and the internet.

Schulze's approach is not best terms "alternative medicine", because it doesnt so much use specific treatments for specific cures. He does use specific treatments for different diseases, but the foundation for all healing, regardless of the disease, is the same. Schulze's clinical practice, and the numerous people who have learned from his teachings, have proven that the body can heal itself from numerous diseases termed incurable, if you provide it with the right conditions and support.

His methods and results have caused him to be rejected not only by the medical community, but by most naturopaths and herbalists as well.

Here are the videos:

Index guide to videos:

Link to 600 page manual, which covers the incurables program & system, as well as Schulze's case examples for a number of different diseases.

Schulze's official websites: - sells products - Blog, Free Books

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Re: Dr. Richard Schuzle - Save Your Life - Curing The Incurables
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This guy is legit, thanks for posting this.