Author Topic: 'SMART DRUGS': Nootropins said to Help recovery from Stroke, mitigate ALZHEIMERS  (Read 3650 times)

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Pramiracetam & Piracetam.
LD50 (Lethal Dose) tests on rats show that Humans would have to ingest 70Kg of the stuff at a sitting to get anywhere near harmful side-effects. So, I think we can conclude it's safe.

"Piracetam has been used successfully to treat alcoholisrn/ alcohol withdrawal syndrome in animals and man. (4,5,19) Piracetam has brought improvement, or slowed deterioration, in “senile involution” dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. (6,7) Piracetam has improved recovery from aphasia (speech impairment) after stroke. [8] Piracetam has restored various functions (use of limbs, speech, EEC, slate of consciousness) in people suffering from acute and chronic cerebral ischemia (decreased brain blood flow). (9,10) Piracetam has improved alertness, co-operation, socialization, and IQ in elderly psychiatric patients suffering from “mild diffuse cerebral impairment.” (11)"


"A key part of Piracetam’s specialness is its amazing lack of toxicity. Piracetam has been studied in a wide range of animals: goldfish, mice, rats, guinea pigs, rabbits, cats, clogs, marmosets, monkeys, and humans. (1,19) In acute toxicity studies that attempted to determine Piracetam’s “LD50″ (the lethal dose which kills 50% of test animals), Piracetam failed to achieve an LD50 when given to rats intravenously at 8gm/kg bodyweight. (1) Similarly, oral LD50 studies in mice, rats, and dogs given 10gm Piracetam/kg bodyweight also produced no LD50! (1) This would he mathematically equivalent to giving a 70 kg (154 pound) person 700gm (1.54 pounds) of Piracetam! As Tacconi and Wurtman note, ”Piracetam apparently is virtually non-toxic. Rats treated chronically with 100 to 1,000 mg/kg orally for 6 months and dogs treated with as much as 10g/kg orally for 1 year did not show any toxic effect. No teratogenic (birth deformity) effects were found, nor was behavioural tolerance noted.” (22) Thus, Piracetam must be considered one of the toxicologically safest drugs ever developed."

Read the full:
Piracetam – the original nootropic
by James South MA

Worth a punt?!
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Most drugs, if not all, deplete nutrients (B12 critical for brain) your body needs. You would be much better off using something good for you to enhance brain:

1) Carlson Cod Liver Oil
2) Folixor (Sublingual) Place under tongue and let it dissolve
3) Phosphatidyl Choline Powder
4) E Gem Elite (Real Vit E by Carlson)
5) Tocotrienols (gives you more good Vit E to supplement one above)
6) Solar D Gems

Stop eating so much SUGAR. It is bad for brain and feeds cancer.

Ketogenic diet can starve cancer cells.   (Learn how to get healthy so you don't need big pharmas drugs until they start caring about people instead of PROFITS. Just don't hold your breath it will ever happen.)

Also the term SMART should be a possible red flag. They are also saying SMART METERS, SMART GROWTH, all 21st century terminology that I am finding is NOT A GOOD THING.

Start eating better to feed your brain good stuff.

Always look at who FUNDS THESE STUDIES. If it is the DRUG MANF ITSELF, then you should suspect the results as they will always favor the new drug and be biased.
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I left off VIT D3. Everyone should be taking a good quality D3 like Carlson. The majority of people never test it and most are low. It should be over 60 ng/ml. Get a Vit D3 test annually. (25-hydroxy)
Don't believe me. Look it up yourself!