Author Topic: "The Berlin Turnpike", Raymond Bechard - Not a Good Book  (Read 3247 times)

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"The Berlin Turnpike", Raymond Bechard - Not a Good Book
« on: June 05, 2013, 07:52:37 pm »
A few weeks ago I stumbled on a book about the so-called human trafficking issues associated with the Berlin Turnpike in Connecticut. Living in the state as I do, I ordered it, (perhaps somewhat morbidly) expecting to be shocked and horrified a la Johnny Gosch and the Franklin Credit Union cover-up...however...upon starting the book it becomes quickly obvious that this is a very poor work indeed. Riddled with irrelevant sidebars, made up chiefly of quotes and extracts from a local pimp trial, and with the odd attempt by the author to make himself appear involved in helping the girls (yes, it's girls, for a change, which probably should have told me it wouldn't have any connection to the lizards), "The Berlin Turnpike" truly fails to live up to its hype.

The author is a blatant fraud who greatly exaggerates his role in rescuing and rehabilitating the sex traffic victims while simultaneously pointing the finger at and slagging off anyone who apparently does care. Here's a good review of it, I found last night. I'm tempted to not even finish it, now, as this reviewer read my mind 100%:

Anyone else read and been bitterly disappointed by this garbage?