Author Topic: The fluoride battle in portland  (Read 9736 times)

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The fluoride battle in portland
« on: May 03, 2013, 11:33:58 pm »
The battle againts fluoride is now taking place in portland Oregon one of the last big cities in united states to have not have fluoridated water, they have rejected proposals of fluoridating water 3 times in the past but this time the Pro Fluoride forces are outspending the anti fluoride movement 3 to 1. Many other states are watching the outcome of this special election. Why hasent Alex jones covered this and help raise a money bomb? if we really want to win this war againts us we need to win battles like these. They are in deep need of funds would somebody call in on the Alex jones show and warn him about this? I would do it myself but I am out of the country until october. here is a link to the site.