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“From Boston – Texas to Syria via .... Chechnya”
« on: April 30, 2013, 02:28:31 am »

By George Anestopoulos

The Fertilizer West Plant that exploded in Texas on April 2013, just after “Boston Slaughter”, is found that, last year, had handled a hugh quantity of 270 tones of ammonioum nitrate not reported to the American Homeland Security Authorities.

Ammonioum Nitrate is the basic substance for ANFO (Ammonioum Nitrate Fuel Oil) or “Fertilizer Bomb”.

Thinking of this, was the explosion, really so random and accidental, as it seems so?

Or it intended to “hide” that “possible (crucial) loss” of an explosive (over-quantity!) which may be already passed on (possibly) “terrorist’ hands”?

Or, it intended exactly to the “opposite”? Just to point up to this “loss”!

Are really not connected together Texas and Boston?

And all these with Syria?
The Texas explosion was similar (in destructive results) with the IRA explosion (1993 in London) and Timothi Mc Vei one in Oklahoma 1995.

The 3 explosions used the same “basis”. Ammonioum Nitrate. Generally called so, ANFO.

IRA explosion used 1 tone of this material.

Mc Vei used 2,5 tones of Ammonioum Nitrate, ˝ tone of Nitromethanioum and ˝ tone TOVEX (kinestic) explosives and mining ANFO.

But in “Texas case” the quantity of this material was 100 times more than Oklahoma case. 270 tones of Ammonioum Nitrate!

On the other hand, it must be noted, that, the quantity of Ammonioum Nitrate is not enough – itself - to explode. It needs more other parameters to be explosive. Needs, for example to be steeped in a fuel (something like gazoline that will provide the required thermal energy). And still, it’s not enough. It’s complicated. Needs more and more.
So, two things should have happened in “Texas Case”:
1)      Not able to be exploded.
2)      Even having a “random, accidental explosion”, it should be a 100 times worst than Oklahoma.

And, of course, it “wasn’ t”...

Not only this, but Texas (with 100 times more explosives) gave an earthquake of 2 Richters and Oklahoma (with 2,5 tones) 3 Richters.
“Something strange” is going on here?

Something like "somebody is behind that explosion" - possibly?
In Boston, the terrorists were Chechnyans.

As a reflexing psychological result, the American Public Opinion got extremely enraged with Chechnyans.

In other words, after this tragic incident, they would be happy to see Russians to destroy Chechnyan Terrorists. And it means “everywhere” in the world.

Even in Syria. Even they are part of the Syrian Opposition Rebels, even the American State officially supports them.

Even, Chechnyans are fighting together with Syrian Rebels in Syria against Syrian Government.

So, the American Public Opinion would be probably happy if Russians intended to destroy those Chechnyans in Syria.

And suddenly, here’s the “other paradox”.

(Again) Chechnyans, just only a few days after Boston, did something else. Somewhere else in the world. They kidnaped two Orthodox Arch-Priests in Syria.

Russian Special Forces are already embarked to Syria ready to invade and free the Priests. By destroying Chechnyans of course.

American Government (and public opinion) gave the “affirmative”!

The whole matter runs so fast, that American State seems like beeing in “confusion” it’s running so fast that they have no time to blank out this and react creatively.

In a few words, it’ s just very strange all these random incidents, aren’ t they? And very “convenient” for “somebodies”....
The whole picture is something like this:

Americans are getting pushed out of Syria and Russians are getting pulled into.
It’ s like “somebody” says (in a possible “virtual non paper”) to USA:
“... you have many Fertilizer Plants that can be transformed to little nuclear bombs. And you know very well that we already have to our hands 270 tones of Ammonioum Nitrate. Leave Syria...and (possibly) Iran ”...

It looks like a complicated game of chess. But the master gamers (like USA and Russia) obey on some rules. They don’ t use “such methods” each against the other.

Very simply, because the “other’s reaction” should be “extremely destructive”.

So, somebody else is the “Sick Thinker” of this “Strategy”.

If all this is really happening, “who really is behind”?

Who really should have “benefits” of “such a strategy”?

Perhaps, somebody in Middle East?