Author Topic: Should not The Web, The Net, The Tender Paranoia Trap be shutdown by DARPA?  (Read 9574 times)

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 After all they created it.  I've just sent this message to a guy who worked on the modified Honeywell computers used by DARPA as the first-step IMP (Interface Message Processors), the first-step on the road to connecting the Isolated University Campus network to a larger Area Network and I await eagerly his reply (sic)...

And yes, I am holding my breath as I type, another bad side-effect of my reliance on the use of the 'internet'  ...


Should the internet be shut down? I think so. I’ve done with it. I’ve gotten what I need from it. And it’s clearly no longer a safe place to be spending any-time whatsoever if I want to be assured that I’m safely buffered against Government interception and monitoring of everything I do, every on-line conversation I have, every e-mail I send, every Paypal and eBay purchase I make, (same group; - eBay owns Paypal), every bank-transaction I make on-line and every telephone over internet call I make …

I suggest that those who regularly imbibe of this heady & exotic, yet toxic concoction are by stealth being led down a dark-garden path in the mystery garden, straight to the haunt under the apple-tree where all the Great Paranoiacs of our age huddle, gibbering to themselves. Did you see or hear of Sir Isaac Newton becoming Paranoid?

No, of course not, and the reason for that my Fluoridated American Friends is because Isaac didn’t have instant access to Popular

Seriously, shouldn't we all be worried about what compromises of our personal integrity we’ve already been forced by voluntary adoption to make through the use and indeed increasing dependency upon this suspiciously named ‘Web’ or ‘The Net’. And the more people speak openly on the ‘internet’, the more it sounds to me like noise.

Let our respective Governments take that one further responsible step, and do away with the need for a consolidation of this global surveillance and monitoring, by putting the whole prerequisite for future control of ‘the Web’ under the auspices of a new umbrella plan, with a whole refreshingly new organisational approach:  
'Operation Shut down!'

Shut down the internet and let’s go back to basics! Let’s start all over. Personally I’m also going to be investing in an illegal underground printing press to set-up in the basement as Christians had to work during the war, when they wanted to distribute their pacifist and subversive literature then.

SURELY, this progressive transformation I propose will take a little getting used-to but I can then go back to buying & reading real paper ‘broadsheets’, and buying my socks, pants as well as potatoes from local shops?

I’m sure all factors & elements of Government in their prefectures will be happy to tone-in and join me when I announce boldly from the balcony, to my audience:
—   Shut down the Internet, - NOW !”                      (For Gawd’s Sake)

"The Dog has returned to its own vomit, and the sow that was bathed to rolling in the mire."
2 Peter, 2:2.

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- Sanctimonious III. 1st Century.