Author Topic: North Korea / an fine example of braindipping.  (Read 4443 times)

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North Korea / an fine example of braindipping.
« on: April 06, 2013, 09:01:21 pm »
 The motives to Kims being the peoples demigod are fairly obvious, FEAR.CONTROLL, false promises, lies.
  Those who are not in interment camps vow total loyalty to their leader, their MSM is pure propaganda, they have been dipped into the fear factor for a generation. The PEOPLE who rally behind this dictator are thoruoughly convinced we are out to get them.
  FEAR, inbred HATRED, and worship of their leader. They have been kept in a dark and fed shiite for so long they have no independent thought, not all however.
  N.K's true motive, its up for grabs, but I feel Kim is another Oby, a chosen muppet following a very detailed script, the savior of the people scenario. Kim's not concerned, he is educated and mentotored in the real deal, we he be a victim if a war is provoked, not likely.
 He is his controllers/counterparts will be placed in a safe zone should conflict begin.
I beleive his is being run, along the line he submitted to a plan on a much larger scale than war, and human life sacrificed.
 we can look & study their methods, though they are a step ahead of what is happening here, the mind controll is, mass manipulation is in evidence. Point: here is what happens when humans are scared shitleess and their one option is to beleive their omnipitent leader will miracolusly bring about a conquest. The Korean Armed forces are totaly dipped, not all, the brass in part are involved in the gma. However troppers for the most part are willing to die for this ideaoligy implanted. They don't muck around.
 Whatever the end result of theis charade will benefit the true powers.
Many oppions are unblanced, however this continent is not at risk, it all comes down to who sheds first blood, be carefull for if a FF takes place we can be certain they will be the patsy. I detest everything they stand for, however take time to draw a lower level opinion as to the  slippery ride we USA . Thier porpaganda recently,is is ludicrous.

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Re: North Korea / an fine example of braindipping.
« Reply #1 on: April 07, 2013, 08:08:42 am »

 What do you think of this one? I see this whole 'Korean Peninsula affair' all as just a distraction away from our own tyrannical Communist emulation governments? "Look, there are still worse than us; think of yourselves as privileged, you're still 'the free' of the world."

 I think it's all so pathetic; - I mean the whole fiasco, not my own take on it.
 - I don't see why anybody pays so much attention to it, unless you're showing your Pavlovian responses still work when prompted by 62+ year old Propaganda prompts.

 PS I was not yet even conceived in the womb by a grand 6 years when the Korean Peninsula War of 50-53 endured ...

 I mean, really!!!! Come on!!!! Each one to his/her own I suppose.

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Re: North Korea / an fine example of braindipping.
« Reply #2 on: May 10, 2013, 07:46:44 am »
The motives to Kims being the peoples demigod are fairly obvious, FEAR.CONTROLL, false promises, lies.

^This is a confusion between goal and strategy. Fear, control, false promises, and lies are merely "tools" for the leaders of North Korea to gain POWER + MONEY. That's all. There is no 007 style intrinsically bad guy behavior. They do not wish to kill everybody out of hatred or anger.

Currently, the best method for North Korean leaders to extract as much value out of their system is by throwing a whole bunch of people to into labor camps to create basic needs for the Country to run. They cut business deals with leaders of the World (USA included) that yields them cash. There is no Hollywood good guy bad guy as our media would like us to believe.

Make no mistake; if the leaders of the US could extract value out of our system by throwing a whole bunch of us into labor camps, they'd do it in a heartbeat. If they could make money off of us by killing us, they'd do it. . . and history shows that there were many times that they have done this without a second thought. However, the best way for the leaders of the US to extract value out of our system is to do as EXACTLY as they are doing: Instill fear, control, promises, and lies to keep us working, paying taxes, supporting Global conflict, supporting asset/resource grabs, supporting our own medical cartel, etc...