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I'm posting here because it's a call to action:  If I could do it all now myself, I would, but can't so putting it here, because I know it's important; someone needs to follow through on this:

Thanks to Ron Lee Moore for article on Ron Paul RevelutionToday’s Ron Paul article:

I had recently made a post stating that news networks showing outside US were also not giving Ron Paul any coverage.  I don’t know if that’s what inspired Ron Moore to write an article for Aljazeera, but am glad he did.

However,  just today Aljazeera TV news in Asia covered the republicans; they showed Rudi, as if he’s a shoe-in, Even Thompson, but no Ron Paul.  I say again: To anyone who has the means, please monitor the networks below and let’s hold their feet to the fire.

US political and economic news is broadcast worldwide.  It’s clear to me that the establishment does not want Americans seeing the news that those outside the US see, and also, they don’t want those outside the US to see what’s really going on inside the US.  Thus, I suggest monitoring the stations listed below, and using same strategies as with Faux to keep them honest.  One has to wonder,  with networks like BBC and Aljazeera, who is influencing them to include establishment darlings and leave out the Ron Paul Revolution?

Don’t forget, there are plenty of Americans’ travelling abroad, who are potential voters, but even more importantly is why are they biased about Ron Paul, when clearly they are getting news feeds, with regards to Hilary, Obama, Rudi, Huckabee, and even Thompson?  Are they expecting Dr. Paul to disappear before the Revolution gets so big that they can no longer ignore it?  I think it’s better and safer for all, if the rest of the world is also seeing Ron Paul being covered.  Let’s not cooperate with what “they” want, and that is to be in an InfoBubble!

News organizations I suggest need to be monitored are:

Aljazeera, BBC, CNN (again, all of these have different affiliates, such as Asia, Europe, Africa, etc.), Bloomberg.  Maybe search for others, but these are surely the majors and none of them are covering Ron Paul in Asia, at least.  I am personally not in position to monitor and record them, so my part, for now, is sharing this with you.