Author Topic: Gun Control in the US - Gun Laws Don't Stop Mass Shootings  (Read 4320 times)

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Gun Control in the US - Gun Laws Don't Stop Mass Shootings
« on: March 23, 2013, 08:23:04 am »

I am Apophis and I am a Brit. I would like to start first of all by setting the record straight, posh knobs from London do not equal the rest of the British populace. In fact most of the people I know despise the "upper" class echelon of society; and please don't extradite Piers Morgan from the US. We don't want that poncy public school boy, champagne from the teat, wanker back! I myself am a working class northern lad.

On July the 2nd 2010 a man I knew (he drank in our local pub) went on a rampage in the town of Whitehaven, a small town on the west coast of the Lake District (West Cumbria).  Using firearms he legally obtained with a licence (two shotguns that hold no more than two rounds and a .22 caliber rifle) he shot and killed 12 people, injured around 30 people in total and then turned the shotgun on himself.  This still happened even though the UK gun control laws are as tight as a nuns c...

I think the American gun owners have a right to be annoyed at Piers Morgan, apart from being an annoying arse hole he has no right to go to a country and tell you guys how to live your lives. I hope you don't judge us Brits by that fool, he is a corporate stooge, only out to further his own personal interests in the world and I just wish Alex had headbutted him off his pedestal.