Author Topic: Your experiences with removing the fluoride from your water?  (Read 5183 times)

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Your experiences with removing the fluoride from your water?
« on: March 12, 2013, 02:41:02 pm »
I am new to this website, but I am very interested in the effects that fluoride may be having on my health, both mentally and physically, but mostly mentally. I am always tired, I can't pay attention, I can't think straight, I have severe anxiety, I forget things, and letely, I feel as if I'm losing my intelligence and especially my motivation and spirit. I don't feel like myself. I've always been very smart and intelligent, very creative, very ambitious, but lately not so much. I hear that fluoride sedates you and lowers your IQ, as well as your spirituality and intuition.
My question is, for those of you who've used a filter to remove fluoride from the water, how did you feel after drinking clean water?
Did your memory improve? Were you able to think more clearly and efficiently? Did you have better focus? Did your creativity increase? Did you have more energy and feel better emotionally/physically?
Whatever your experience was with getting rid of the fluoride, I would really like to know. Thank you!