Author Topic: A South Park with 666 the Mark of the Beast in it?  (Read 12250 times)

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A South Park with 666 the Mark of the Beast in it?
« on: March 08, 2013, 09:17:08 pm »
Hey South Park Guys can you make this free children story into a Cartoon?

I only post this here cause I know the South Park People come here. I am burnt out of my Freaking mind, I swear to god I am exhausted, my mind is broke after writing this I thinky.  You can just take it and use it, but be kind to the story, I didn't write it by myself.  

Below is a sample I took the time to edit of the free book...I only post it here cause I know the South Park People Come here

Chapter 1. In the Beginning

Once upon a time, there was time...

and for the first time in time, energy and matter existed, leaving invisible trails of dark matter in their wake of existence.  Where did the time go?  It went into the past.

The past was written into the dark matter.

Living Space was running out of itself as the dark matter grew and grew.  Without 'the time' nothing could exist, and all physical experience in the early universe would end.


Baby black holes would devour countless stars.  The energy they ate was sometimes greater than their little cosmic bellies could embrace.  From the north and south poles of these black holes, were blazing currents of light that would shine brighter than anything else in the early universe.  


Dark energy gushed out of these powerful bright jet streams.

It was this dark energy, created from these black holes, that helped the early universe to expand, pushing newborn swirling galaxy's away from one another, as their titanic time flooded the early universe and created, experience...
...but there was no living awareness to experience these experience's.

"Experience of Experience is Existence"


The Great Spirit began to posses matter 'as life', on the baby planets, in the budding puddles and oceans, as single celled plants and bacteria.

This simple form of life experienced only the 'Now'.  There was no past, no future, only the now existed in the experience.  The Great Spirit was only...Aware.

“Experience of Existence is Awareness”


Out of this microscopic food chain of simple Awareness, developed a new form of life called animal.  Living inside of the animal existed the same ecosystem of awareness's as bacteria and antibodies, but in the animal existed a higher sense of Awareness.

“Experience of Awareness's is Consciousness”


In some animals evolved a higher level of Consciousness.  In these animals it was believed felt happiness and love towards each other and collectively felt themselves as one.  Perhaps it was the bees who first felt this Ultimate Love of one another.  It was these animals who experienced Oneness.

“Experience of Consciousness's is Oneness”


As animals had living experiences exist inside of themselves,
planets would have living experiences exist inside of themselves.
“Experience of Oneness's is Lucifer”

Planetary Experience


Lucifers would develop symptoms of disease when things were out of balance.  Animals that had conquered nature and developed great knowledge, began to feed off of their host planet, and instead of behaving like a good antibody inside of a living animal, they behaved like virus and would feed off of the planet until there was nothing left.  Lucifers would try to stop these infections from spreading inside of 'Themselves' by using disease, fires, famines or floods.
Sadly some of the animals who only ever developed Consciousness were able to break free of their host planet.  It was these Self driven animals that from the bigger picture, acted like a virus in the universe.  They would infected and enslaved all of the worlds they discovered.  It was these creatures who always brought hellfire, furry, grief and suffering.  These were the destroyer's of worlds, and therefore, the destroyers of the Great Spirit's Experience's.

The infection of the “Self” had to be contained in the universe.

Happily there were other animals who had developed Oneness with Love.  These creatures spread life in the universe, and like a healthy antibody, removed or healed the infection of Self's disastrous rule on their host planet, or in the cosmos.
Over time more planets developed and orbited suns, while galaxies formed and orbited black holes.  Universe beyond universe, beyond space, beyond time, beyond all that could ever have been imagined, was the Greatest Experience of all...The Experience of all Experience's, The Great Spirit.

The Great Spirit experienced Love and Fear, Pain and Pleasure, and experienced our universe through our eyes, ears and other senses.    

"Experience of all Experience is God Consciousness"


If Meaning means to "Exist" and
everything that Exists has Meaning.

If the meaning of life is life's Meaning,
the meaning of Life is "Life".

"Ashes Mi"

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Re: A South Park with 666 the Mark of the Beast in it?
« Reply #1 on: April 09, 2013, 01:51:13 pm »
My God that was Amazing!  I can't believe the universe could be this simple, but all things in life are simple ;)