Author Topic: A Fantasy Book loosely based off of the Bohemian Grove I came across  (Read 4549 times)

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I came across this book (I bought it at $4.99 before it dropped to $.99 :'( ) a while back on Amazon while I was looking for a unique styled detective novel:

This book appears to be loosely based off the Grove (from what I gathered). It was pretty cool to see what it would be like if the whole Moloch conspiracy theory was real. The book also put a lot of other conspiracy theories into real life situations like walls being built around government preservations for "our protection".

Seems now a days a lot of writers are putting conspiracy theories into their works like that video game Watchdogs or the new Infamous game (2 recent examples I came across). With cameras being placed everywhere

BTW: Has there been any further investigations into the allegations made about the grove concerning prostitution?