Author Topic: NSA is using molecular nanotechnology to torture and control  (Read 4228 times)

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NSA is using molecular nanotechnology to torture and control
« on: February 24, 2013, 08:15:13 pm »
A lot of you think that you have an implanted chip, and in a sense you are right. However, I would like to clear up a few misconceptions, not based on what I think but what I have actually seen.  About 6 years ago I was living with a friend of mine in a house that has been known for being used in a criminal fashion for some time. One day I decided to pick up a magnifying glass to look at some stuff out of curiousity. What I was suprised to find were a few very straight scratches on several objects around the house. These scratches looked like they were manmade because they were too straight. I went to the hardware store and bought a microscope and a green led light.By holding the light at an angle and looking at the scratches with the microscope I was able to make out microscopic words etched into the plastic on a lighter. For quite some time I was puzzled by this but I knew it had to be high tec in nature. No one could inscribe microscopic words on objects without a high powered microscope and a micro tool right? Wrong. It was nanotechnology that was responsible and not just any old nanotechnology, MNT or molecular nanotechnology. Molecular nanotechnology is not thought to be possible yet. What MNT is, is nanotechnology (microscopic robots) that are fabricated somehow atom by atom . Built from the bottom up. Basically atoms are joined together in an as to yet supposedly undiscovered way , built peice by peice untill incredibly precice components and parts are created that fit together to build a microscopic machine. From what I witnessed these microscopi machines exhibit swarm behavior. They function in groups to carry out preprogrammed tasks. Here is where it gets interesting. Shortly after I discovered this technology, or rather the evidence that it left behind, I began hearing a high pitched ringing noise in my left ear. Then I started feeling small pin pricks on different parts of my body.  I also began to feel different parts of my body vibrate from the inside out. Sometimes it would be my left foot and sometimes it would be my right foot. Or, it would occur in my left or right hand. I have deduced that whatever wrote those microscopic words is now on the inside of my body and is producing the symptoms that I have described. I believe that that some branch of the government is using this Molecular Nanotechnology to monitor us remotely. I do not know if it can read my thoughts or see through my eyes, but I do know that it is capable of monitoring my voice. This technology is capable of influencing a persons thoughts by subliminal suggestion, that is what the high pitched ringing in my ear is. They have used it to cause me to get up and check the time at certain times like 9:11 or 4:11 multiple times . They have been able to do this consistently so I know that it can influence your thoughts. Shortly after all of this happened I was subjected to a smear campaign by the Federal Government and I have been accused of multiple crimes with no evidence to support the governments claims. I believe that they test this stuff out on unknowing people in the population without their knowledge to maintain a controll group that is unaware that they are being influenced and cannot combat it. If you tell a doctor or psychiatrist you will be diagnosed with a mental illness and they know that, so they never have to be named. I do not believe that they have a very high degree of control over the individual that has been implanted with the nanites but they do have some control. Most of the time you will be unaware that you are being influenced. Since the technology is microscopi it cannot be detected with an x-ray. This is why so many people report symptoms but their claims are dismissed as mental illness. They always get away with it and they destroy anyone who finds out the truth. If you experience pin pricks on your skin, ringing in one of your ears or parts of your body that tingle you should look around your house like I did and find the evidence. It seems that they like to use the technology to inscribe microscopic words on stuff when they are bored. When you find the evidence go to the press and have it examined. If you think Im a Kook then check out my website at  www.cryptographyuniversal.comand take a look at the cryptographic algorithm that I have designed that they are trying so hardto suppress.