Author Topic: * Ron Paul Comments on Clinton Impeachment how they overlooked the real offense!  (Read 1706 times)

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Ron Paul: Impeachment & Predicting 9/11 in 1998

Ron Paul gives a press conference on the day Clinton deflected media attention away from his looming impeachment by launching a bombing campaign on Iraq for alleged non-compliance with UN inspections.

Dr Paul dismisses the Lewinsky fiasco as nothing but a sideshow to the REAL reasons Clinton should be impeached, namely his criminal bombing of innocents in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Sudan.

In the end, Ron Paul essentially warns of future terrorist acts to come as a result of the current foreign policy. His message has been on point for decades.

Amazing how many times Ron Paul has been right!

Now the question is will the current Congress find the backbone and manhood to impeach Obama on a long laundry list of crimes against the Republic, with one more impending - DISARMAMENT INCREMENTALLY? If the Congress doesn't find their spine this time, they all will be rendered complicit in the attack on the Republic!


Don't believe me. Look it up yourself!

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RP amazes me, here is a guy who stood up for this nation despite all odds.
 Bless his heart! He remained a gentelmen, spoke the truth and carried the message. The one thing I had hoped for just didn't come about, I wanted to see RP get loud and ugly on the parasites, I'm being honest about my feelings, I would listen to him and wait to see him get truly pizzed of and  bang on the podium and tell the sucklings to deficate in their fists, not on America.
 That out of the way, Clinton and Hillary wanted into the circle of power found an opening and crawled in. I have an idea they know now they are expendable (newcomers/plebes) to the elite tribe. RP is right on, Billy's affair spotlighted the attention of the MSM and the general public from what was truly going down, kinda like Mr.P stepping down from directorship of the Agency due to his fling.
 We ar being fed shiite sandwiches without the bread. It sufficating to see the average Johon Q. Cit falling for the BS.