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FOIA UFOs and the run around
« on: January 10, 2013, 09:54:34 pm »
Recently I filed FOIA requests, to nearly all major USAF bases throughout the USA and Europe. Further to this I filed requests to USNORTHCOM, USCENTCOM, USSOUTHCOM, USAFRICOM,USEUCOM, and USPACOM.

In some cases you get a general response, asking to you go else where like the National Archives and the usual mentioning of Project Blue Book. Yet it is remarkable how they interpret my requests, and the way some try even avoid trying conducting a search, unless pressed.

I quoted in some of my requests the following for unidentifed aerial devices or objects:

"Air Force Instruction 10-206 dated 6 September 2011, entitled "Operational Reporting" for example ā€œ3.2.12. BEELINE (OPREP-3B). Used to report any event or incident that meets Air Force-level interest, but does not meet national or international level interest requirements. Although the report normally remains within USAF channels, BEELINE information is made available to agencies outside the USAF (NMCC, State Department, etc.) through asynchronous reporting.ā€, and ā€œ3.2.1. PINNACLE (OPREP-3P). This report is used by any unit to provide the National Military Command Center (NMCC) and, as appropriate, combatant commands and services with immediate notification of any incident or event where national or international level interest is indicated. OPREP-3P reports are not restricted to operational information. Any inadvertent, accidental, unauthorized, or unexpected event or incident will be upgraded from an AF OPREP-3B to an AF OPREP-3Pā€

The majority of replies have given a "no records" response. There has been only one reply that acknowledged the existence of some OPREP 3 and SITREPS which are not UFO related, further some have pointed the finger at NORAD for records or this subject matter of "unidentified aerial devices or objects". Not all of my requests are complete at the moment so I will update this article once it has been completed.

It is very odd that with all the sightings across the US and the world not one report is found throughout many of the airbases, it makes me wonder as to the nature of the effort of the "thorough search", whether this varies according to the air base or individuals conducting the search. There is also a possibility that the subject matter is highly compartmented that only a few are aware of the existence of such reports, and hidden away from view. I was informed that USAF HQ would be the OPR for such reports by one response, so we shall see in time whether this is the case.

I have a strong feeling that unless you have exact reference to specific documents, you will not get very far in find records pertaining to any unknown aerial devices or objects. I have to evoke the AFI, which some AF bases do not use since it isn't mandatory, in order to avoid the general response.

I have also file requests to some AF bases using this:

"Records pertaining to unidentified aerial devices or objects, or like terms within the preview of your command, and or other commands, to be reviewed for release and all previously released documents pertaining to this subject. Also I request operational procedures for reporting such events of usual or unidentified events and or objects or like terms." Also variations of this. I try to avoid the term UFO since this can automatically close the door due to the perceptions people have of the term UFO. Yet I get the impression that some do equate a different between UFOS and unknown aerial devices. (I did also in some, use this phase: "Unidentified aerial devices or objects could be unidentified drones, unidentified phenomena etc, it equates to nothing more that unknown quantities, not the media or public perception of what a unknown or unidentified aerial device or object is. I am interested in how the USAF deals the unknown quantities."). This was/is also used to avoid the standard response, and automatically closing the door.

Yet it seems that with all this effort none of the major air bases, are willing to admit to having any reports, or not having any located at the specific airbase. I am sure there is a suitable reporting system for such unknown events, but I can safely assume it would be classified, and not admitable unless you have the "exact" title and proof that it actually exists even then, they may not acknowledge the existence of such a reporting procedure.

In general though I believe some reports, if I manage to find the exact title of the files can be released if it is of a certain level of intelligence and classification. I would say it may be as the USAF once stated many years ago a "needle in a haystack".

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Re: FOIA UFOs and the run around
« Reply #2 on: May 05, 2013, 08:59:05 pm »
New to this thread. Has anyone ever explored the possibility that Project BB may be responsible for some of the UFO sightings. Wouldn't that explain the supposed physically impossible gravity defying aerial maneuvers? Just a passing thought.
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