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The Fall Of Tams
« on: December 29, 2012, 10:12:35 pm »
TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE !!!to whom it may concern  ,My name is Nick Benetatos i am a small business owner south central L.A .family owned since 1986 i took over when i graduated from high school in 1989 , at the moment i am at odds with the L.A.P.D , zoning and land use and the city of L.A ..also my councilman Bernard Parks is not on my side because of who is involved no matter how wrong they are of course he was previous chief of the L.A.P.D and still corrupt  to this day in my opinion . A brief description on what im going threw the L.A.P.D has put pressure on me to clean up my corner from prostitution ,to drug sale, loitering,gang activity .I don't have the power or resources to do any of those things.They are clamming my business is a public nuisance .The street ( Figueroa ) in south central L.A is know for prostitution ,and gang activity .I am not sure why after almost 30 years of being in the same location I am being forced to police my own neighborhood .i was under the impression that's what the police are for . i attended a hearing to discus my case with a few from the zoning commission and also some from city counsel .they gave me too min on the clock then gave me a lecture and rubber stamp my case.the end ruled in favor of L.A.P.D.. Essentially closing down my business with these 22 conditions that are most unenforceable and some unconstitutional  .One councilmen said if it ha den bin for the amount of paper work he would have shut me down at this moment .I have 14 long time  employees most have bin with me for over 10 years with a few going on over twenty  and there family's that will be forced into the streets in the worst unemployment year ever  .I cannot find a voice of reason in all this bureaucracy and politics I am caught up in . I was also on the front page of the LOS ANGELES BUSINESS JOURNAL October 29-November 4 2012 edition ..You are my last hope i would please ask for you to review and help give me a voice or support to fight for our rights  .everyone i speak with about this in my everyday life is appalled when they hear my story and say how is this even  possible in this country.thank you for your consideration.Nick Benetatos  here also is a you tube link i would like you to view;Doc=1EE81

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Re: The Fall Of Tams
« Reply #1 on: December 29, 2012, 11:07:28 pm »
This is so sickening.  It is obvious they want your property for some reason.  What the hell is happening to our once great country.   For them to expect you to stop the crime  isn't that what the damn police are paid for?   My heart goes out to ya Tam  it truly is a sad day.  God bless ya my good man, and your employees.  I have no idea except its a land grab.  I assume you already contacted a lawyer  but in this day and age maybe he or she was bought out.   Unconstitutional for sure,  but tptb could care less.   
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