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Call to Action!
« on: December 28, 2012, 05:21:12 pm »
Check out this link:  “Call to Action
   (regarding an action served on the U.S. Attorney General on 12/21/2012 contesting Barrack Obama’s candidacy).

Though others have untimely and incorrectly tried to get the courts to address Obama’s eligibility; no previous action has raised an irrefutable issue in a timely manner through a cause of action that cannot be avoided.  Quo Warranto is such an action when properly and timely filed.  This action does that.

To see the actual “Call to Action” go to this link:

This “Call to Action” was raised by the author of the action; he asked Team Law to help him spread the word.   Eric W. Madsen, Trustee for Team Law is willing to be interviewed regarding this matter.

It is critical to make as many people as possible aware of this current situation because it has a significant potential to eliminate Obama before he can get reseated in the President’s Office.

Quite frankly, Mitt Romney should have raised the action (and the people should be clamoring for him to do so), because he does not have to go through the Attorney General to raise it.  A 3rd party filer, like Zane Grey (the action’s author), has to file the action through the Attorney General; then, if the Attorney General chooses not to take the case, the right to proceed as an independent prosecutor for the Attorney General’s office (with the full authority of that office to prosecute the case) is automatically preserved to the 3rd party filer—thus, the action cannot be avoided.  Even the court has no prerogatives in such a case.  They have to take the case immediately on receiving it and if the defendant cannot prove that Quo Warranto does not apply then the writ must be issued as a matter of law.
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