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Warren Buffett was a 9/11 perp!
« on: January 23, 2008, 06:58:24 pm »
Forbes List Has Most Billionaires Ever
"It looks like the U.S. billionaire's club isn't quite as exclusive as it once was. There are now 313 billionaires in the country, the largest number ever and a huge jump over the 262 counted last year, according to Forbes magazine, which Thursday released its annual ranking of the 400 richest Americans.
The biggest billionaire of all was again Microsoft Corp. founder Bill Gates, whose $48 billion in estimated wealth was up $2 billion from 2003. Gates was again followed by investor Warren Buffett with $41 billion, the list's biggest dollar gainer with a $5 billion increase..." -Forbes/AP (09/23/04)

"By many he is considered to be a real tightwad (or cheap). This is mainly because despite his $36 Billion net worth   he has not been particularly charitable."

Warren Buffett is real 'in' when it comes to the elite. This guy is rich. He's second only to Bill Gates when it comes to wealth. As you can see from the quote above, Warren has been doing great since 9/11.

What connects him to 9/11, you ask?

"WARREN BUFFET'S CHARITY CLASSIC Sept. 11, an event that draws  celebrities, professional athletes, and CEOs to Omaha, Nebraska will be the last. It has raised nearly $9 million for four charities in its nine-year run while bringing to the event such notables as composer Marvin Hamlisch, investing guru Peter Lynch of Fidelity Management, then-Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Arthur Levitt and actor Chuck Norris. Another $1 million is expected to be raised at the last of the one-day Classics, scheduled for Sept. 11." - Broadway To Vegas (9/09/01)

Ok, this is certainly a whopper of a coincidence. So Warren Buffet's LAST golf event was going to be held on the day when the event that changed the world took place. This was no normal golf event. Are normal golf events held at important military bases?

Check it out:

"On the morning of Sept. 11, Tatlock herself had just arrived with a small group of business leaders at Offutt Air Force Base in Omaha for a charity event hosted by Warren Buffett. -San Francisco Business Times (week of 2/04/02)

The United States Strategic Command, or USSTRATCOM, is headquartered at  Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska. (

So, Warren Buffett was using the headquarters of the United States Strategic Command as party central at the time when it was supposed to be participating in a large scale military wargame called 'Global Guardian'.

Is it any coincidence that this is also the base that Bush would land at at 3:07? Check it out:

3:07 p.m. –   Bush arrives at U.S. Strategic Command at Offutt Air Force Base in Nebraska.

So, this base was a key location on 9/11. It was involved in the largest war game that day, the HQ of STRATCOM, and where Bush would land.

Isn't it just too much of a coincidence that Warren Buffett was hosting his LAST annual golf event HERE on THIS day? The odds of this are astronomical.

But it gets even more amazing. At least one CEO from the World Trade Center was invited. Her name is Anne Tatlock. She worked for Fiduciary Trust, which just so happened to be running an emergency drill on 9/11. Fiduciary Trust is also the company of Scott Forbes, the key eyewitness to the power-down of the South Tower.

"On the morning of Sept. 11, Tatlock herself had just arrived with a small group of business leaders at Offutt Air Force Base in Omaha for a charity event hosted by Warren Buffett. She then heard the news of the first plane hitting the World Trade Center's north tower.
Moments later, back in Omaha, a television picture flashed on a large screen, and Tatlock witnessed the second plane plowing into the south tower.
"There on the screen, I saw the second plane crash into my office," Tatlock recalled." -San Francisco Business Times (week of 2/04/02)

So, whatever hit the World Trade Center hit her office. And she is the only known CEO at the World Trade Center to be invited. The same one who worked in the office that was hit. This is an incredible coincidence!

Tatlock's bus was boarded and she was escorted by military officers to a TV in an officer's lounge so she could see the plane crash:

"Anne Tatlock found out about the collision of a plane with the North Tower  while en route to the U.S. Strategic Command headquarters in Omaha. The 62-year-old chief executive of Fiduciary Trust Co. International was one of a small group of business leaders at a  charity event hosted by Warren Buffett. Military officers boarded the bus she was on, and escorted her to an officer's lounge and a television, just in time to see the second plane hit the South Tower between the 87th and 93rd floors--right where 650 of her employees worked.
Fiduciary, which today manages $44 billion of securities for pension plans, endowments and wealthy individuals..." -Forbes

This Fiduciary Trust company is interesting. Not only did Scott Forbes come from it, and not only was it running an emergency drill on 9/11, but it was also the company that Thomas Kean worked as a director of. Thomas Kean was the head of the official 9/11 investigation, the 9/11 Commission.

President Bush named former New Jersey Gov. Thomas Kean, a moderate Republican with a record of bipartisan cooperation, to replace Henry Kissinger as head of the panel investigating the Sept. 11, 2001 terror attacks.
He serves on several corporate boards, including those of the international petroleum company Amerada Hess Corp., the Pepsi Bottling Group and Aramark Corp., which manages food and support services at office buildings, sports arenas and other facilities.
Aramark ran the food court on top of 2 World Trade Center as well as concessions and tours of the observation deck. Several of its employees died in the tower. Also, Kean has long served as director of Fiduciary Trust Co., a financial company that lost 87 employees in the World Trade Center.
Kristen Breitweiser, whose husband died in the trade center Sept. 11 while working for Fiduciary Trust and who is a leader of September 11th Advocates, said about Kean, "Assuming he has no conflicts, I hope he can do the job that needs to be done."
Breitweiser noted that Fiduciary was a leaseholder of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which would be part of the investigation. -USA Today (12/16/02)

Fiduciary Trust had very wealthy clients:

"Ellen Kratzer, an investment advisor who worked near the top of the World Trade Center's south tower, returned to work yesterday morning, at her firm's "business resumption centre" in New Jersey.
More than 100 people are missing from her firm, Fiduciary Trust Co. International, yet she and her colleagues were phoning clients to let them know business is continuing. These are wealthy investors with a lot at stake -- Fiduciary's average client family has more than US$10-million in assets." -Raven Investment (9/15/01)

So, the head of the 9/11 investigation worked for this company. It also had many big-time clients. This begins to show us why Tatlock was spared. She worked for a company that was obviously in the hands of some pretty powerful people. It was linked to Aramark through Kean. What CIA Today doesn't tell you is that Aramark Co. provides services to The Pentagon.

Another reason why Tatlock might have been spared is because she worked as a trustee for the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI). James Baker III is also a trustee for HHMI. Carlyle Group Adviser James A. Baker III played Al Qaeda's lawyer when his firm (Baker Botts LLP) defended Saudi Arabia in a trillion dollar lawsuit filed by 9/11 families.

"Anne M. Tatlock, chairman and chief executive officer of Fiduciary Trust Company International, has been elected  a trustee of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI)." -HHMI (1/25/01)

"James A. Baker III, secretary of state under George Bush and secretary of the treasury under Ronald Reagan, has been elected a Trustee of HHMI.
Baker is a senior partner in the law firm of Baker & Botts." -HHMI (2/01/96)

August 16, 2002 -  The families of 9/11 victims launch a trillion dollar lawsuit against Saudi Arabia who is being defended by former Secretary of State James A. Baker's law firm Baker Botts LLP.

James A. Baker III was a Bush I boy. Many of the people who were in the administration at the time of 9/11 were Bush I boys, as well as many people who are still there. Dick Cheney, for example, was Bush I's secretary of defense. Bush I was the former director of the CIA, and Bill Clinton was a Bush I boy (He hangs out with the guy!). Margaret Thatcher, a Bush I girl, was linking arms with Dick Cheney (Bush I boy) and Lynne Cheney (Bush I girl) at the 9/11 2005 memorial. The Bush I team is still going strong. Why? Because Bush I is the man in control. He (Former CIA) is leading the US section of the G8 empire, as Vladmir Putin (Former KGB) is leading the Russia section of the G8 empire.

Now that I'm done ranting.. What else can HHMI be linked to? Remember those microbiologists who mysteriously died within 5 months of one another? One of them was Don C. Wiley. It just so happens that he was also in with HHMI.

The Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) today announced that it is offering a $15,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and charge of anyone connected to the disappearance of Dr. Don C. Wiley, an HHMI investigator at Harvard University.
Wiley, a distinguished structural biologist who has been an HHMI employee since 1987..." -HHMI (11/30/01)

The disappearance of a Harvard molecular biologist has baffled authorities and sparked some suspicion that he was abducted to create a lethal biological weapon.
Don Wiley was last seen Nov. 15, when he attended a banquet at The Peabody hotel in Memphis, Tenn. Wiley lived in Cambridge, Mass.
Newspapers in Boston raised suspicions that Wiley was the victim of a terrorist-related kidnapping because of recent anthrax scares, fears of bioterrorism, and the fact that he is an expert on human immunology and has studied viruses such as AIDS, Ebola, herpes and influenza. -ABC (11/27/01)

"A body carrying the identification of a missing Harvard University scientist was found today in the Mississippi River in Louisiana, police said.
Wiley had done research into a number of potentially deadly viruses,
including Ebola. Ebola is a hemorrhagic fever that causes body fluids to seep from tissues and orifices. The virus is highly contagious and lethal, and there is no vaccine." -ABC (12/20/01)

"Eleven microbiologists mysteriously dead over the span of just five months. Some of them world leaders in developing weapons-grade biological plagues. Others the best in figuring out how to stop millions from dying because of biological weapons. Still others, experts in the theory of  bioterrorism." - Globe and Mail (5/04/02)

I suspect that these microbiologists were assassinated by the government because they might know something about who was behind the Anthrax attacks. We all know that they came from a military lab, but people would take certified microbiologists more seriously than us.

We've seen how Buffett was hosting his last annual golf event on 9/11/2001 where a number of celebrities, pro athletes, and CEOs would be invited to the headquarters of STRATCOM at Offut AFB, which was closely linked to the 9/11 wargames and where Bush would land.

We know that the only known CEO who worked at the World Trade Center to be invited to Buffett's golf event was Anne Tatlock, who worked in the office that was hit, in an incredible coincidence. Her firm was running an emergency drill on 9/11 and was linked to the head of the 9/11 investigation, and Aramark, which provides services directly to The Pentagon. The firm had extremely wealthy clients. She herself was linked to James A. Baker III, who was a trustee along with her for HHMI. Don C. Wiley, one of the microbiologists who mysteriously died, was an HHMI investigator.

I believe that Buffett got her out of the Tower because she was a key asset for them, and was linked to some powerful people who didn't want to see her die (Baker, Kean, Aramark staff).



Now that we've examined the Tatlock connection, and the ridiculous odds of someone hosting their last golf event on this once-in-a-millenium event in a military base that will be a key place of events on that day..

It's time to go further. There is indication that Rush Limbaugh, a known government propagandist, was invited to the event:

"I was thinking back, folks, to September 11th. You know, I didn't get back to this microphone 'til 2:30 that day. I had only a half hour of the program to do. I was on my way to Omaha. I was actually in the air when 9/11 happened and air traffic control ordered all aircraft on the ground by an hour and 15 minutes, which was not enough time where I was to turn around and get back to my home. So we got about within 45 minutes, had to rent a car and drive down there -- and I didn't see any pictures of 9/11 'til I got back here to the office at 2:30." - (07/05/05)

Why was Limbaugh on his way to Omaha? Did he have a party to go to at a military base?

An Analysis Of Buffett

Warren Edward Buffett is Chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway Inc., a director for the Coca Cola Company, The Gillette Company, and The Washington Post Company. Washington Post broke the 'Watergate' soap opera and ran other CIA stories. Coca Cola has been the subject of numerous Al Qaeda scare myths (THEY'RE POISONING OUR COKE!!!!).

Warren Buffett also owns NetJets, which Arnold Schwarzenegger owns shares of:

"And in being part of the NetJets owner family, Buffett is in excellent company. Among those who own shares of NetJets airplanes are not only many other corporate executives but also such well-known individuals as Tiger Woods, Pete Sampras and  Arnold Schwarzenegger." - Robert P. Miles (5/02)

Strong evidence of Buffett's connection to 9/11 is the fact that a NetJets plane was TRACKING Flight 93. Not a military plane, but a corporate jet from NETJETS!

"Additional recordings would be played from the cockpit of an executive jet that tracked Flight 93 on Sept. 11...
An official for NetJets, a company that sells shares in private business aircraft, confirmed that the plane tracking Flight 93 belonged to the company.
The official, who asked not to be identified by name, said the company was asked not to comment on the Sept. 11 flight but would not say who made the request." -Holland Sentinel/AP (8/09/02)

The NetJets-Flight 93 connection is only the strongest evidence of Warren Buffett keeping 9/11 under watch. For example, Berkshire Hathaway owned FlightSafety International (Which Columbine killer Eric Harris' father works for)..FlightSafety International trained alleged 9/11 hijacker Al Omari, along with two others who are connected to the case:


ABDULRAHMAN AL OMARI (Abdulaziz Alomari), Age: 38

Role: Aboard American Airlines Flight 11.

Pilot: Yes.

Florida connection: Issued a Florida driver's license on May 27, 1994. Lived in Vero Beach neighborhood near two other men, Adnan Bukhari and Amer M. Kamfar, who are linked to investigation. All three took flying instruction together at Flight Safety International. Once listed a home address at the Flight Operations center at New York's Kennedy Airport and told his Florida landlord he was a Saudi Arabian Airlines pilot.

International connection: Pilot's license lists address as the airline's post office box in Saudi Arabia. -St. Petersburg Times (9/15/01)

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, which is linked to the government, FlightSafety, and NetJets (That's two of Warren Buffett's companies!) trained Waleed Al-Shehri:


Role: Waleed and Wail Al Shehri sat in seats 2A and 2B of American Airlines Flight 11.

Pilot license: Yes.

Florida connection: Obtained Florida driver's license in October 1994. Lived in Daytona Beach through 1998 and later moved to Vienna, Va. Al Shehri graduated from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in 1997 with a bachelor's degree in aeronautical science, the university's commercial pilot training degree, and is listed as having a commercial pilot's license. -St. Petersburg Times (9/15/01) (

Warren Buffett is a director for the Coca Cola Company, which has close links to SunTrust bank.

SunTrust owns 48.3 million shares of common stock in The Coca-Cola Company, obtained when Trust Company of Georgia served as an underwriter for Coca-Cola’s initial public offering in 1919. -  SunTrust In Brief

1919 - Trust Company of Georgia provides underwriting services to the Coca-Cola Company and receives some of the company's first publicly traded stock for its services.  Through dividend reinvestment and stock splits, SunTrust now owns 48.3 million shares of The Coca-Cola Company.  The only written copy of the Coca-Cola formula is in the SunTrust Bank safe deposit vault at the Atlanta Main Office. -SunTrust Historical Highlights

SunTrust banks is where the alleged 9/11 hijackers made fake accounts with fake social security numbers:

"U.S. investigators have established strong financial links between the al Qaeda terrorist network and the 19 hijackers who carried out the Sept. 11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, said senior government officials who now consider the money trail the key to the investigation.

The funding for the attack began at least a year ago with a single deposit of more than $100,000 to a U.S. account controlled by Atta. Dennis M. Lormel, chief of the FBI's financial crimes section, testified at a congressional hearing last week that the transfer has been traced back to an account in the United Arab Emirates.
In the following months, scores of cash infusions flowed into about a dozen accounts at SunTrust Bank in Florida and several other U.S. banks. These deposits were much smaller than the first, commonly amounting to $10,000 or less, said officials familiar with the investigation." -Washington Post (10/07/01)


So, that's two Buffett-linked outfits that trained at least two of the alleged 9/11 hijackers, chronologically recording their progress carefully. One Buffett-linked bank was used by the hijackers to create phony bank accounts. And one of Buffett's jets was tracking Flight 93.

Seems that Warren Buffett had a lot of little links to the attacks.

And then there is the big link.

The golf event.


The evidence in this post suggests that Warren Buffett was complicit in the 9/11 attacks. Now, the perps are warning of a NUCLEAR attack:

"Warren Buffett, the stock market guru known as the Sage of Omaha, says that businesses and insurers should  prepare themselves for a nuclear attack by terrorists.
Mr Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway investment vehicle and other insurers absorbed $70bn (£48bn) of losses from the destruction of the World Trade Centre towers and he believes worse could come.
"The capability to strike using nuclear, chemical or biological devices isn't there yet but it will be," he said at his three-day annual meeting for investors, which has been dubbed Woodstock for Capitalists.
"People are working on it. It could make the World Trade Centre loss look like nothing." - Guardian (5/06/02)

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Re: Warren Buffett was a 9/11 perp!
« Reply #1 on: March 24, 2010, 08:08:43 am »
Another curious fact:

Two things happened in 1964 immediately after the assassination of John F Kennedy in late November 1963.

The Porsche 911 sports car was finally (originally, first) unveiled and then first sold in February 1964
The new car made its public debut at the 1963 Frankfurt Motor Show (German: Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung). The car presented at the (late Fall) auto show had a non-operational mockup of the 901 engine, receiving a working one in February 1964.

The trade center, then also in design, had the Final Official plans for the World Trade Centers announced the same week:

For most people, the big news in New York City’s proposed World Trade Center is that it will render the Empire State Building passé. At 1,350 feet, the twin towers will share the title of tallest building in the world. For architects, the big news will lie in the skillful handling of a major renewal site and in the treatment of structural and mechanical elements. releasing sufficient rentable space to make such tall buildings economically reasonable

Construction of the project, to cost an estimated $350 million, will be completed in stages: the first in 1968, the
balance in 1969 and 1970. The architects are Minoru Yamasaki and Associates and Emery Roth & Sons. Worthirgton, Skilling, Helle and Jackson are the structural engineers; Jaros, Baum and Bolles, mechanical; and Joseph R. Loring and Associates electrical. The owner is the Port of New York Authority, which administers the port for New York and New Jersey.

Admittedly this is all quite trivial and coincidental but here's Some More very interesting pre-2000 non-election reading:
Would you buy a used car from this man?, a used-car-buying Web site, conducted an online poll over the past months to discern whether most Americans would rather buy a car from Al Gore or George W. Bush. The good news for Gore is that 58 percent of those responding chose the vice president as the more trustworthy salesman, compared with 41 percent for Bush.

Now this poll, whose respondents were self-selecting, is leagues less scientific than even the most fickle of political tracking polls. (And of course it didn't include Ralph Nader, by any measure the man we would all like to meet in a used-car lot.) But the second question it asked yielded a result of really striking insight. If each candidate were a used car, Autotrader asked, what kind of car would he be? Gore turned up as a Volvo. Bush struck voters more as a Porsche 911.

Now lets look more closely at the Bush brand's historical record:

Porsche A. G., founded by Ferry's father, who was a close friend of Adolf Hitler, grew rich on military contracts until Allied bombs obliterated the factories that turned out its designs. In the aftermath of World War II, Ferry Porsche decided to defy conventional wisdom and build a luxury sports car in a nation so prostrated that its inhabitants could barely afford motorcycles. Within a few years, his sports car reached the pinnacle of the automotive trade, and has remained there in the eyes of many discerning critics.

With recognition came immense wealth: The Porsche family fortune is estimated at more than $3 billion. But sibling rivalry flared among the third generation of Porsches. Their business feuds and extramarital affairs earned them a reputation in the tabloid press as the ''Ewings of Germany.'' Their bickering grew so intolerable that Ferry Porsche, who had become the company's supervisory board chairman, expelled them from management of the family company.

Another road race, in 1925, changed the destiny of the Porsches. It was there that the older Porsche, who was in charge of the Daimler-Benz car team, first met Hitler, a racing buff who was still at an early stage in his rise to power.

As Chancellor eight years later, Hitler decreed that the German auto industry should help make the superiority of Nazism manifest by designing the fastest race cars in the world.

For Ferdinand Porsche, who had started his own consulting and design firm, this soon translated into lucrative contracts with the big German manufacturers. And in 1934, Ferdinand was asked by Hitler to build a ''people's car'' -- the Volkswagen -- that the working class could afford.

Within months, father and son patched together the first prototype in the garage of their Stuttgart home. Hitler enthusiastically approved of the car, and with his backing, a factory was erected. But mass production of the Volkswagen was postponed because of war.

The Porsches reveled in their special relationship with the Fuhrer. Ferry asserted in his memoirs that his father was one of only ''a half- dozen men in all of Germany who dared to speak their minds openly before Hitler.'' And Ferry, himself, described the Nazi leader as ''simpatico if you knew him personally.''

The Porsches responded to Hitler's military needs with all the fervor they could muster. Their design offices and factories churned out jeep-type vehicles, Tiger tanks, airplane engines and parts for the V-1 flying bomb. When Ferry's young son, Butzi, asked him why he was not in the army like all the other fathers, he responded, ''Just imagine, if we were all soldiers, who would design and build the tanks and all the other weapons?''

Like so many German industrialists, Ferry Porsche disclaimed moral responsibility for the uglier aspects of his involvement with the Third Reich. Though he was an honorary officer in the SS, he insisted that he accepted the appointment, personally made by SS Chief Heinrich Himmler, only because ''there was no way I could refuse.''

And his description in his autobiography of Russian war prisoners at the Porsche factory almost sounded benign: ''These men were scooped up in huge numbers during our initial advances in the Russian campaign of 1941-42, and no records were kept of them. But in all, I would estimate that some 15,000 to 20,000 people found employment there.''

He neglected to mention that they were there as slave laborers, in violation of Geneva conventions on the treatment of war prisoners.

The Porsches were never brought to trial for their wartime roles. In a murky affair, the elder Ferdinand Porsche and his son-in-law, Anton Piech, were taken prisoner by the French and accused of war crimes, though the real reason for their arrest seems to have been an attempt to force them to collaborate with the French auto industry. In his autobiography, Ferry Porsche said that one million francs were paid by his family to French officials as a sort of ransom to secure the release of his father and brother-in-law after 17 months' imprisonment and to have all war crimes charges against them dropped.

The notion of creating a new, expensive sports car in a country left impoverished by war seemed irrational from a business point of view. But Ferry had a remarkably effective strategy. He was offering an automobile that could be driven both in competition and in urban traffic. The formula has held for more than 40 years.

''I've always sold the Porsche as the kind of vehicle you can enter into a grand prix one day and drive your kid to kindergarten in the next,'' said Bob Snodgrass, a longtime Florida-based Porsche dealer.

To quickly raise Porsche's profile on and off the race track, Ferry hired German aristocrats as his drivers. ''These were the people who had money after the war,'' said Helmuth Bott, a former ranking executive at Porsche. ''And they were 'gentlemen drivers,' the same way their ancestors had been gentlemen horsemen.''

Word spread quickly that Porsche was a high-tech symbol of a renascent Germany. Everybody noticed it was a Porsche -- not a Mercedes or BMW -- that scooped up Alfried von Krupp, the arms industrialist convicted of war crimes at the Nuremberg trials, when he walked out of prison in 1951. ''Alfried was so impressed by the car's performance, design or whatever, that he decided to buy one,'' Ferry recalled. ''And I would say he was our truest customer until his death,'' in 1967.

Porsche was taken up by the nobility elsewhere in the world. Prince Bertil of Sweden jilted his old Bugattis for a 356. Prince Abd el Moneim of Egypt bought a new model almost every year. And the princes of Hollywood became avid owners.

While the link between Porsche and Fascism or Hitler's Satanic Roman Catholic Fascism is immutable I am still looking for more direct links between Bush Cheney et al and this obscure "Porsche symbolism" in and among the CIA/Mossad Mafia's  prime "9/11 Daniel Chapter 8 Show" suspects.

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Re: Warren Buffett was a 9/11 perp!
« Reply #2 on: March 25, 2010, 07:53:20 am »
An inside DIA/NSC whistleblower has strongly suggested to me that the conspirators discussion with and among one another of their interests in or nonexistent "Porsche" (as a cryptic "keyword" in unsecured communications) formed a convenient and critical command, control and coordinating subterfuge that allowed the conspirators to plan, coordinate and time their activities.

Note that is was not only the date, but also the zero-hour "time".

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Re: Warren Buffett was a 9/11 perp!
« Reply #3 on: June 13, 2010, 01:41:55 pm »
 Answering the mail re: Greenberg & AIG
By Jerry Mazza
 Online journal.....Buffet stood to gain....

4)AIG was NOT the main insurer of the WTC. Chubb, Zurich Swiss re., St Paul and CAN were.”

Ah yes, Mr. Smith, but only because AIG/Marsh sold the risk and reinsurance to their competition. Take a look at pages 5-6 from the 30-page Morgan Stanley Special Report on 9/11 (September 17, 2001), that proves Buffett et al stood to gain . . .

“We aren’t sure yet exactly where the cutoff is for the ‘largest reinsurers.’ There is no question that Berkshire Hathaway, Swiss Re and Munich Re fall into this category . . .

“A simple example. We estimate that Berkshire Hathaway and General Re combined will write around $12 billion in nonlife reinsurance premiums in 2001 and $2 billion in life/health insurance. We also estimate Berkshire’s probably largest loss from this event [9/11] at around $1.5 billion or roughly 11 percent of premiums. Looked at very simply therefore, a price increase of 11 percent on unchanged volume would recoup Berkshire’s entire loss from the World Trade Center.

“We expect Berkshire’s volume to increase significantly -- probably more than 25 percent. We expect rates to rise considerably more than 11 percent. Without trying to be overly precise, therefore, it’s clear that the largest reinsurers should fare better as the flight to quality steers customers back to reinsurers who can, without question, pay claims.”

Bottom line, the actuarial anomaly of 9/11 would allow prices (and premiums) to soar exponentially, so there would be huge profit in the disaster. In fact, Mr. Hank Greenberg himself reflected these statements in an October 10, 2001, New York Times article, Insurance Prices Soaring, A.I.G. Chief Says . . .  Mr. Greenberg said, and I quote, “that insurance prices were rising ‘by leaps and bounds’ in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

“Mr. Greenberg, whose company is one of the world’s largest insurers, said that prices for some kinds of commercial insurance were doubling, up from expected increases of 20 percent to 60 percent as the industry emerged from a long period of cutthroat pricing. . . .

“Even [after losses of $800 million] A.I.G. would turn a profit of several hundred million dollars for the quarter.” He also said that "the company’s earnings would pick up to their historic pattern of more than 20 percent annual growth." In what seems like sanguineous, if not obscene enthusiasm, he said, “The opportunities for us are enormous.” He added, “It’s a global opportunity. It’s not just in the United States, but rates are rising throughout the world. So our business looks quite good going forward.”

Eureka for destruction! In still another place, he gloats: “ . . . there is no shortage of business to write and we’re going to do everything we can to write it.” And: “We’ve always been opportunistic. When see we opportunities, we will never change. At A.I.G., it’s part of our culture.” Indeed, all a matter of numbers like the 2,900 or so people that died that day.