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Thwarting the DHS made easy! and legal !
« on: September 22, 2012, 07:28:25 am »

      Dear Editor:  the following, at first blush, (depending on your initial grasp of the concept) may look like a dangerous thing for you to publish - But this idea will help local police enormously in THEIR DESIRE to operate within THEIR community as THEY see fit, instead of the way the Department of Homeland Security has been pressuring them, (and all local police depts), to see the People as potential domestic terrorists. Now that's what I call dangerous. That's what I call VIGOROUS movement toward a police state.
     So please put your intellect on MAX's actually quite hilarious...I would GREATLY appreciate your take on it and any questions you have about :

                 Thwarting the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) made easy ! And Totally Legal !
                                                 I repeat: TOTALLY LEGAL

                                          Start reporting 'suspicious activity' ?!
        What if many people start calling their local police (using only the non-emergency lines: we want the police to get sick of the DHS, not us), with SINCERE reports of 'suspicious activity'...
        For example, since cell phones have cameras in them, anyone using one within sight of any government facility can be cause for a sincere report, because DHS has said photographing govt buildings is potentially terrorist activity.
          "There's somebody right here outside the courthouse using a cell phone...they may be taking pictures...they look suspicious to better check them out !"
         NOBODY GETS IN TROUBLE because we are only doing what the DHS has asked us to do, as long as we're SINCERELY concerned...When police respond they will only find normal people doing normal things.
         LOCAL police will loath arresting somebody for using their cell phone just because they're outside the courthouse ! There will probably be many others there doing the exact same thing !     
         LOCAL police have the discretion, AND RESPONSIBILITY, right there on the spot, to sense and determine if this person is an actual threat. INVARIABLY they will decide they are not ! - and will undoubtedly give a 'code 4', or 'everything's alright' and let the people go on their way !
         LOCAL police HAVE THAT DISCRETION, and are trained in using it to keep them free to respond to more pressing matters...
         Or how about a sincere report of someone 'who looks suspicious' displaying an American flag, or sporting a Ron Paul bumper sticker, or buying a lot of food at Costco, or shopping for camping equipment etc, and so on ad nauseam...
         All of these activities, and multitudes more that normal people do, are now deemed 'potentially terrorist activity' by DHS. Believe it !
         They periodically release warnings nationwide to police dept's, basically telling them the PEOPLE are their potential enemy, and in some cases, local police are starting to believe them...and sometimes the citizens can sense this keenly.
                                                       BUT IN REALITY,
if we actually start doing what the DHS wants: reporting 'suspicious activity', it will only take  VERY FEW responses by LOCAL police to realize they're wasting their time and resources, and will ABSOLUTELY STOP responding to such nonsense, HOWEVER SINCERE !
         This is because ALL LOCAL POLICE DEAL EXCLUSIVELY IN REALITY and what they sense and see and feel about the person that's right there in front of them -  unlike the DHS who are operating on an agenda to demonize the public at large. Ask yourself Why DHS is doing this. The answer you get should make you sick !
        If we do this, Local police will begin harboring DISDAIN for DHS policies and paranoia, and the DHS will quickly become a JOKE to them...This is a healthy thing...We do not need a police dept seeing us as potential terrorists !
        This can be very powerful, non-violent activism, and perfectly legal, if DONE WITH SINCERITY, and in numbers...and will be effective QUITE QUICKLY, at the local level.
         Also, notifying local media of the police response, (..."were you aware police are investigating a report of potential terrorist activity at the courthouse ?"...) will actually HELP police to challenge DHS policies, sighting public pressure to stop WASTING RESOURCES on arcane and ridiculous reports ! It will also allow an OPEN DISCUSSION within police dept's, about DHS's TRUE MOTIVES. (long overdue).
         We can even use payphones (conveniently anonymous) if it would make the reporting person more comfortable, as I'm sure DHS would agree:  after all, DHS WANTS the reports, right?
         Finally, think about this: our wanting to thwart the DHS simply by asking people to do exactly what the DHS wants, (reporting 'suspicious activity' to police), has GOT to be an ABSOLUTELY UNIMPEACHABLE act ! By any definition imaginable !...Isn't it ? Am I missing something here ?
          If the DHS can't handle a bunch of goody-2-shoes reporting on each other, in great numbers, clogging up their system, and wasting the local police dept's time and resources, then why the hell have they asked us to ?! REPEATEDLY !
                                        We can all become the New American Patriots !
          Tattle-tailing on each other -
          Until local police get sick of it ! And, it will only take A FEW responses by local police to make that happen, believe me...
                              Thank you for reading this, and please pass it on !
                                    Mike Collier, Santa Cruz Ca. 831 466-0335

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