Author Topic: Wow..NO face, iris scanners, no TSA and stadium seating NY 1979  (Read 3465 times)

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Wow..NO face, iris scanners, no TSA and stadium seating NY 1979
« on: September 09, 2012, 11:26:42 am »
Sometimes if we don't pause to remember what we are really fighting for we may tire and give up. This is from an New York Open Air Central Park concert in New York from 1979. I was 14 at the time....and remember some. Do you?  You should. We are fighting for freedom. To live. To be Americans ,not world slaves.  I am tiring and growing weary, yet I know we must press on..we have to save the YOUNG minds that are being twisted. TO the point they have no idea what real freedom is/was.  Anyone that works for the foreclosure bankers as contractors can have NO heart and are no better than the NAZI SS. "I was only following orders" Bull. you chose to becasue your depraved and brainwashed minds did it..  Alex, its a fight for the young people.
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Re: Wow..NO face, iris scanners, no TSA and stadium seating NY 1979
« Reply #2 on: June 02, 2015, 10:48:46 am »
bump for an breakup of the DHS / end to the TSA / UnConstitutional Patriot/Freedom "Acts"
FBI behind mysterious surveillance aircraft over cities...
 Planes carrying video, cellphone snooping technology...
 Hidden behind fictitious govt 'front' companies...
Acting TSA director reassigned after screeners failed tests to detect explosives, weapons
By Eric Bradner and Rene Marsh, CNN
Updated 10:06 AM ET, Tue June 2, 2015
DHS to Spend $600 Million on Cyber Security for Fiscal 2016
Homeland Security Explains Plan To Purchase More Than 1.6 Billion Bullets: Buying In Bulk Is Cheaper
 Posted:  02/14/2013 2:26 pm EST    Updated:  04/16/2013 5:12 am EDT
6 Years, $1.7 Bil Later DHS Visa System Deemed Failure
AUGUST 11, 2014
Costly fence on US-Mexico border is effective – only in hurting nature
csmonitor icon

In addition to sinking $1 billion into the failed "virtual fence," the US government has spent $2.6 billion for 650 miles of solid border. This wall doesn’t deter people – but it does defy the laws that protect the land.
By Scott Nicol  February 27, 2011   
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