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Disaggregation / Globalization / Totalization
« on: August 25, 2012, 05:24:50 pm »
According to document which I read, the radical script for a planetary government involves three steps.

Disaggregation: Dissolution of the USA into several hundred regional entities as a result of the breakdown of the national government.

Globalization: Absorption of these small units into 'The World' in a formal legal manner.

Totalization: Rule of Humanity and all peoples by computer-enhanced powers and methodologies.

DISAGGREGATION: This is predicated on the breaking of the Federal Government's power. There seem to be three primary methods: 1) Use of WMDs against many cities would cause the American population to believe that the USG can no longer protect individual's lives. The theory is that fear and the urge for self-defense would cause people to abandon their allegiance to the United States and shift to regional self-government. 2) The spread of domestic terrorism, anti-Government influences and externally-driven threats would cause the people to buttress existing regional governance entities, most of which involve groupings of counties. 3) The legal bankruptcy of the United States, as a 'corporation,' also would lead directly to disaggregation and a struggle to control the US military.

INTERIM PERIOD: There are three primary scenarios concerning the transition from a disaggregated America to a globalized America. 1) Differences in economic and political power between the units would lead to endless squabbling with very limited results in a situation akin to the Warlord Period in Chinese history. These units would be led to turn to The World for assistance and in short order would be legally bound to the World in key areas of governance. Disaggregated units would be absorbed piecemeal and gradually. 2) The disarray, particularly should a foreign military threat appear, leads to a strongman, who would "save the Republic." Current indications are that the strategy calls for a constitutional monarchy, not coercive government. The strongman would then use his authority to renegotiate the relationship between the U.S. and the World, and peacefully fold us into the World in a structural sense. 3) The disaggregated units might in fact not regroup or reorganize but would be relatively powerless to affect world history and the USA no longer be a primary player in greater world struggles.

GLOBALIZATION: I have little information about the adversary's strategy, but believe that World Governance (as I suggest we call it) will find its greatest coercive power to be the Clean Development Mechanism, established by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (

The primary wildcard that I see is whether or not the disaggregated units will organize "well-regulated militias" which can be grouped into prearranged commands very much like the military system of colonial and revolution-era America.