Author Topic: Remember the pastor who challeged the IRS on the pulpit by endorsing McCain?  (Read 1600 times)

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2008 - video of Jody Hice teaming with 32 other pastors to challenge the IRS on the pulpit by endorsing John McCain



In September 2008, Hice was one of 33 pastors across America who participated in “Pulpit Freedom Sunday,”[3] an effort that challenged an Internal Revenue Service code threatening churches and pastors with loss of tax-exempt status and criminal behavior if they address certain moral or political issues from the pulpit. In that sermon, Hice endorsed Senator John McCain for President. The outcome of that stance is still pending.[4]
Dr. Hice was instrumental in raising sufficient funds to cover Barrow County, Georgia's attorney's fees for the Ten Commandments lawsuit, enabling the county to only be required to pay the $150,000 court ordered fee to the ACLU.[1]
Dr. Hice has been interviewed and quoted by numerous local and national media including Fox News Channel, CNN, ABC World News Tonight, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Associated Press, HBO, Esquire, Coral Ridge Ministries, TBN, and The Atlanta Journal.[5]


Jody currently served as Sr. Pastor of Bethlehem First Baptist Church. However recently in April 2010 he resigned.,[2] in Bethlehem, Georgia. In addition, he served as First Vice President of the Georgia Baptist Convention (2004–05) and Professor of Preaching at Luther Rice Seminary.