Author Topic: UNESCO -We all know what these Eugenists want - World depopulation yada yada  (Read 514 times)

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UNESCO -We all know what these Eugenists want - World depopulation yada yada - we know all that. But here's an opportunity to hit these evil monsters and their greenie tree hugger types with one square in the eye and to heap public embarrassment upon them, at their own expense - now I'm Loving it!! Here is the plan, you all know about Fluoride, well, One school in Tralee, Co Kerry has done immense work in highlighting the fact that Fluoride is a toxic poison and needs to be removed. Yep Right well lets get UNESCO to have this very school up front and centre as WINNERS of The Peoples Choice Award for ECO-UNESCO Young Environmentalist Awards 2012. All you truthers out there, get off your arses, get onto the link below, and get VOTING and DO IT NOW. Vote for Mercy Secondary School (G1) and lets get UNESCO to praise this school and highlight their project as the WINNER. Then we can get a victory for the people and the removal of fluoride from our water. From little acorns truthers, will grow great Oak trees. This Orchard in waiting needs you, not later, not in a minute, NOW so Click the link and VOTE - HERE'S THE LINK DO IT NOW - VOTE FOR MERCY Secondary school(G1) HERE - BTW Thank you for Voting.

click link - click on vote tab - they are number 36 0n list(select)- save vote bottom of page - thanks again