Author Topic: Quake-Struck Italian Town May Rebuild as High-Tech "Smart City"  (Read 3743 times)

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'Smart City' ambitions for quake-struck Italian town

AFP - Three years after a quake devastated L'Aquila, the Italian town has launched a bid to become a hi-tech European city -- to the scepticism of thousands of people still living in temporary housing.

Large parts of the centre remain boarded up even as local architects work with the council on a "Smart City" project to rebuild using cutting-edge techniques that has the backing of Prime Minister Mario Monti's government.

"The idea is to turn the tragedy of the earthquake into an opportunity to rebuild in an intelligent, innovative way while preserving the city's heritage," Alfredo Moroni, the town councillor overseeing the project told AFP.

It is an ambitious aim in a town still traumatised as it prepares to mark the third anniversary on Friday of a tragedy that claimed 308 lives.

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