Author Topic: Neocons to Obama: We will stop Breitbart meme if you approve Iran nuke FF  (Read 1370 times)

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Was the assassination of Breitbart a false flag to allow neocons to pressure Obama into approving a false flag or approve the mas murdering of millions of Iranians?

Will the assassination of Breitbart be used this way even if it was not a false flag.

Look how much Bilderberg will allow only the neocons to talk about the assassination of Breitbart, once they stop you will know that a deal has been cut.

Every journalist in the world should be exposing this assassination, the fake left is playing right into the 'bomb iran' plans by trying to cover up the murder.

Neocons also probably agreed to backstap Sheriff Arpaio as well.

The New World Order eats its own, if an IBM computer calculates that the benefit of killing one of their own will assist in protecting public myths then chances are that person will be added to the WH kill list.
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 Will the Gen Pulic give creedence to this, nope, it would require they step into the rabbit hole. Yes they know its there, but avoid it, the lie is preferable.
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It's funny, I had the same thought when I saw that CNN is now pushing:

"New Allegation Of Saudi Role In 9/11 Attacks"

Has CNN suddenly rediscovered journalism or is Agent Blitzer reminding the U.S. that it can dig up skeletons any time if they don't back an Iran invasion?