Author Topic: Oliver Stone's Son: We Are In A State Of Martial Law-Converts To Islam  (Read 5601 times)

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Sean Stone: We Are In A State Of Martial Law

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Re: Oliver Stone's Son: We Are In A State Of Martial Law-Converts To Islam
« Reply #1 on: February 29, 2012, 07:28:00 pm »
 The focus was definitely fearmongering about Iran's nuclear program, now that it has been exposed they are not creating WMD's the controllers are focusing on the election.
  Iran is no threat to the USA, never has been. What is infiltration, the art of manipulation from within, I have this gut feeling that this just may be taking place.
  Iz is growling about pre empitve strikes, they are well aware that the USA regime will go along with whatever scenario they should perpetrate, MOSSAD has plans A to Z.
  Iranian's are human being, a different culture doesn't necessarily mean they must be genocides as many believe. Iraq and AFGHANISTAN for example, the WMD boogie man has now been the victim of supercorps and greedy scumsucking regiments feeding from the invasion and genocide.
Hey, either the people of America want imperialism or a return to sovereignty, peace and peacefull relation developments. I knew many Iranians, they are not the general conception given by CNN, they are human beings, families.  They are scared to death of the USA and their history of invasion.
  If Iz decides to go forward, Iran will not be the only victim of this insanity.

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Kid seemed a little lost when he was talking about haunted houses or whatever crap when he was on AJ. This confirms it.