Author Topic: Another Palestinian Rights Activist Suspiciously Disappeared In CT  (Read 8982 times)

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I've been following this story for abt a month now. Being the head of a Palestinian rights organization based in America is probably one of the most dangerous thing to do in the America where zionists control everything, and they can threaten even peaceful activists and send hit teams after them or disappear them into a blackhole. This reminds us of the kidnapping and murder of Riad Hamad in Austin, TX a few years ago. They don't know yet if this case is similar, but the FBI and other 'authorities' have been very uncooperative, and the little media coverage has been slanderous and negative. His family is doing everything they can, hiring lawyers, private detectives, contacting the 'mainstream media' but still no clue as to whether he's still alive or not.

Here are some links for more info:

Facebook page:

Infowars article on Riad Hamad:

The point is if this is a case of kidnappind and disappearing of a peaceful activist in the US by the govertment or other globalist spy agencies allowed to conduct these types of operations domestically, then this should send the alarm bells ringing for all those involved in any kind of peaceful anti-globalist activism. Either we hang together..
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