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All Successfull movements hijacked
« on: January 13, 2012, 01:08:21 pm »
 Speaking of case studies, Beatles for example ,whatever your stance is on any controversy or conspiracy theory on the subject, were a great success to the point of being in the same case study as the experiment pulled off by Welles and Wells that caused some hysteria, this way of hijacking ,for lack of a easier to understand word for this process, the hearts and minds , maybe souls, not going there but enough written of it in the Evils of Rock And Roll, type works by a noteable ex mason(do some research do not take anyones word for anything , think for yourself,!!!) Any how watch out for any thing good , that is genuinely for the peoples welfare as a whole, on so many levels , mainly spiritual it seems to the self trained researcher(all of us with an internet connection) the beatles with their mellow lovie dovie songs went through a sonic transformation, (change in their songs) and a visual transformation(wearing feathery fake mustaches , to being just cartoons till the end, )to playing psychedelic music with backwards messages spoke of in the book of the Law by the satanist extrordanair crowly, this is by no accident , and the fact of what happened in the philipines, so much research on anything Beatles touches upon every facet we deal with to do with the world globalists attempts to take over the states, EG the cabinet or administration and senate is somewhat hijacked by non natural U.S citizens(by design?) the pres himself a non natural born citizen with no real papers ,(research leads you  straight to CIALand  with the mother and , all sorts of confusing links to this family and obmers environment since his birth). The micro cosm of the Beatles , is alike their independance being hijacked and their previously earned attention by the world used against the very public they affected, at same time as jfk and all the sixties anomalies/phenomena call it what you will, a hell of a decade.
  here is a forum i would see as being a way to show examples of good hijacked for bad , any examples  and we will see a definate trend , and it is all tied to  you name the alphabet soup agency since Proj paperclip, and see how the group of 300 are behind it along with the UN Zionists(hijacked judaism), and the secret societies that all practice satanism. these are the exposed in all case studies, under the guise of foudations(if researched the list of foundations sorrows has started under false credintials or through ppl he handles is immense -vast majority of all worlds funds) Tavistock, too many names to keep up with , same  main point at top of pyramid, or branches leading to the same source, Case study of the Beatles and all controversy is well documented on the internet, especially the plastic mac , and PIDers sites , it isnt my belief that Paul is the same one pre 66 in the beatles and it is perty much solved, but studying the crap out of that topic has led me to understand the PTB  and thier means of hijacking anything that undermines the social evolution that continues on weather messed with by media , or not. The fact of history being written by the winners stirs thoughts of what is real , like in strawberry field lol,. anyways this is a thread that can illuminate in short bursts the depth at which this tactic is used on us by hijacking aspects of our natural  interests (music,film, sports,writers) As the most controversial if not all the controversial subjects of history are encompassed in prisonplanet dot calm, the listing of hijacked movements that started off genuine then at an important moment all seems to go the way of fantasy before any good can be accomplished .....
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