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Karl Hans Welz and Willhelm Reich
« on: December 08, 2011, 11:56:54 pm »
The use of a universal life force energy called chi/ki/prana/ether/orgone etcetra is well known throughout historical cultures of our past. Though that is not true; it was well known during our time too by two U.S. inventor/scientists, one being Willhelm Reich and Karl Hans Welz. Willhelm Reich was a man who came out of the way of Nazi Germany, coming to the U.S. hoping he would have the freedom to explore and practice psychology and what would later be called Orgonamy. He found that the blue haze that surrounds the planet is actually an identifiable energy all its own which fluoresces blue in a pure untainted state. He called the energy Orgone, after the energy of the libido. The creation of a box big enough to house a person called an Orgone Accumulator was found instrumental in restoring the libido in both male and female individuals, as well as accelerating the healing of burn wounds. He had created devices which could effect the weather. Eventually this man was put into prison where he later died, and his literary works were burned in a New York incinerator. An introductory video about this man and his achievements can be found here

Later on an Austrian man studied the works of this man and others of this field to come to the U.S. and create a fully automated generator of the orgone energy. This invention was named the Chi-Generator, and could be used to send messages across the Atlantic Ocean. This energy can be used for multiple purposes, and may quickly find its way into your household for its ability to both enhance food and drinks and make them stay fresh longer. Sending the energy to plants makes them grow faster and fuller, make seeds germinate sooner, and fruits and vegetables to mature faster than normal. Now however these machines are not marketed nor claim to have health benefits, those that are familiar with Willhelm Reich's works know beyond a doubt this orgone energy does drastically help. If you have herbs or other natural remedies, or even alchemical/colloidal solutions, charging it with this energy will make them more effective. The uses for this energy is nearly unlimited. Too good to be true? Take the free test at

Want to see a catalog of these products and their possible uses?
I did not believe such a technology was possible, and for that, instead of discounting it as Alex Jones listeners well know, instead I followed the information from this scientist Karl Hans Welz and sought to disprove him and his technology. I went as far as to create my own generator of orgone energy, with results not even the scientist realized were possible! It's worth looking into, and will make an excellent Christmas Gift for anyone interested in alternative sciences and technologies.