Author Topic: [RonPaulGrassRootsAction] NWS CORP BEING SUED. JOIN THE CLASS ACTION SUIT!!!!  (Read 967 times)

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Check this out. We can actually sue News Corp as a class action suit
on behalf the American People. We need to do this while they still
have some money. We have been able to affect their stock prices by
seling off but now it is time to go in for the kill. We can do this
people. See the links below.

January 4, 2008 - Friday

Class Action Suit against Fox News on Behalf of the US Citizens,
Investors Dump Fox (NWS) Stock
Category: News and Politics

Pursuant to Rule 23 of the United States Rules of Civil Procedure,
the people of the United States of America bring this Class Action
Legal Suit against Fox News and its parent company News Corporation.
Complainant will prove through over seven dozen direct video quotes
that Fox News did commit libel and fraud which led directly to the
adoption of the Iraqi War by the American people, and that said war
directly resulted in three trillion dollars in damages to the
American people in the form of war related debt. Complainant seeks
reparations for damages in the form of payment to the United States
Treasury, to be used toward satisfying the national debt, and an
order to cease further libel and fraud against the Islamic Republic
of Iran.

Post bulletins and tell your friends. The value of a news company is
tied to public trust. Public trust in NWS has been lost. Let's try to
recoup some of our damages before News Corp stock becomes completely