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Rise of the Euro-Reich
« on: November 27, 2011, 10:14:12 am »
Back in the 1940s the Luftwaffe and Wehrmacht had to bomb and invade countries to prove das Herrenvolk’s superiority over Europe’s lesser peoples. Now, thanks to those lesser nations’ poor housekeeping and the German economy’s turbo-charging through the euro’s export opportunities, Germans merely have to sit back and refuse to buy up sovereign debt to see the rest of Europe fall at their feet.

The eurozone’s countries have no option but to knuckle under and “act German” by making the kind of “neither guns nor butter” cuts required to survive in anything approaching their present economic level.

The only alternative is the euro’s collapse, and nobody (important) wants that, as demonstrated by the quickness with which the Greek elite abandoned plans for a referendum and the Italians agreed to a non-democratic administration of “technocrats” (code for Italians who behave like Germans).

On Sunday, in an achievement that even eluded Hitler during an earlier period of German ascendancy, the Spanish fell in line and voted in a cost-cutting center-right government.

Soon, unquestioned German power—with the help of the Vichy French under the compliant Sarkozy—will stretch from the Straits of Gibraltar to Stettin on the Baltic, with German voters’ reluctance to bail out the rest of Europe trumping the Greek, Italian, Spanish, Irish, and other Untermenschen’s aspirations to have cozy public-sector jobs, plump early retirement, and plenty of sweet welfare.

But as in that earlier period of Teutonic ascendancy, only one brave island nation and its lion-hearted leader, David William Donald Cameron, stand in the way of Europe sliding into a dark age of ever greater German fiscal domination and undemocratic political union.

Realizing that Britain is economically too weak to stand in the German juggernaut’s way, Cameron has sent out the signal to Europe’s “resistance movements” (mainly stroppy Greek rioters and tax-dodgers) to rise up and demand that the Frankfurt-based European Central Bank buy up European sovereign debt so that the political largesse and good times can keep on rolling—effectively advocating a policy he refuses to implement at home. Unfortunately, apart from a few squeaks of protest, most of the continent seems cowed and ready to lick the German jackboot.

Flying over Berlin on a recent visit the British leader bravely dropped a few ineffectual bombs, telling the German Führer Frau Merkel that “All the institutions of the eurozone have to stand behind and back and do what is necessary to defend it,” meaning that the European Central Bank, backed by German taxpayers, should foot the bill for years of other governments’ overspending back during fiscal freedom’s heady days.

Angered by this brave sortie to disrupt their economic overlordship, the Germans have now decided to turn their big guns directly on the plucky little island that has so often thwarted their past ambitions.

German Minister of Finance Wolfgang Schäuble quickly countered, saying it was only a matter of time before Britain itself was crushed under the mighty German euro’s heel.

“One day the whole of Europe will have a single currency and perhaps it will happen more quickly than many people on the British island think,” he told a “mass rally” of staff from the DPA news agency while unveiling a fiendish economic weapon designed to destroy the British economy. This latter-day economic equivalent of the V-2 rockets is a financial-transaction tax designed, like its predecessors, to bring London to its knees.

Former Prime Minister John Major described this terrorist weapon as “a heat-seeking missile aimed at the City of London.”

For the time being Cameron can bravely fight on and continue to blame any domestic economic problems on the austerity regime the German Fourth Reich has imposed throughout Europe, but with the economic crisis forcing Europe into even greater union under its only credible major economy’s auspices, Britain stands alone once again with little hope of the help it received in 1941, when the Soviet Union and the USA joined the struggle.

Meanwhile the Fifth Column go about their perfidious work trying to undermine our Great Leader. The shadow Foreign Secretary from the Labour Party Douglas Alexander said, “David Cameron is leaving Berlin just as isolated as he was when he arrived….That is a genuine concern for those of us who want Britain to be a strong and, indeed, leading voice in trying to find a way forward,” by which, of course, he meant total surrender to a Quisling Europhile government.

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Re: Rise of the Euro-Reich
« Reply #1 on: January 19, 2017, 08:29:49 am »
Juncker told Germany's BR television, according to a transcript from the Munich station, that he was sure no EU state wanted to follow Britain's example and leave the bloc, despite Trump's forecast this week that others would quit:
"Mr. Trump should also not be indirectly encouraging them to do that," Juncker said. "We don't go around calling on Ohio to pull out of the United States."
Juncker, the president of the European Commission, said he had yet to speak to Trump -- contrary to what the President-elect said earlier this week. Juncker said Trump had confused him with European Council President Donald Tusk.

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Re: Rise of the Euro-Reich
« Reply #2 on: January 23, 2017, 07:25:39 am »
While I wish the EuroZone would collapse, no referendums are going to be allowed, and the Europhiles are known to demand second referendums.
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