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Hello all, I've read many of your threads and would like to add some input about The Big Picture.

I worked for many years in high level position that allowed me to observe the enemy, this criminal element, which is basically the mafia on steroids. They infiltrate their way into a company or government, and then work to get others of their group in, until you have a situation of total corruption. Sadly they represent a jilted agenda, one that represents the interests of a crooked group, that are definitely Satanic in nature, as observed by their methods, means, and goals. To simplify things I will reference this enemy as the NWO, or New World Order.

Who it is: Group of conspirators who are mid-plan in implementing a world power base. These conspirators have been infiltrating the US government and world governments in the effort to push their agenda, which will result in a one world government in which they are in power and which prevents any citizen from retaining his or her constitutional rights. This will result in de facto dictatorship who's goal is total control of the worlds economies, resources, and people. This exists now in a semi-NWO, which is inhibited by pesky things like an intact United States Constitution, and powers and balances. However, this is being undermined on a daily basis by the powers of the NWO, who use their existing influence to forward their agenda. Lately, the NWO has been pushing the Islamic goal of Shariah Law as an easy way of controlling the masses. More on this below. That said, they are slimey criminals that murder and steal with no morals about anything. The best I can do is lay out what I know and hopefully contribute to the knowledge here on this board.

Who it is NOT: It is NOT Rockefeller and Rothschild families in the literal sense. Pinning the NWO on these two families is foolish and underestimates the size of the NWO effort. It also provides an easy cover for the REAL players in the organization. Not saying members the R&R families are NOT involved, just that their participation and influence is over stated, which is used to the advantage of the real players in this game. Also, continual reference to Rockefeller/Jewish/Zionist conspiracies is old. Any person with a brain can observe the winners of late have been the enemies of the Jews and Israel, not in the reverse. The continued efforts by the NWO target the Christians and Jews for the most parts. The only people that I know who are part of NWO and fit this criteria are George Soros, a turn-coat who is regarded as a sell out. As far as Israel goes, they are fighting the growing menace of Islam and the formation of a Greater Islamic Caliphate which is continually trying to take over the USA and implement Shariah Law.

And it is not the US Government. Their are elements who are INFILTRATED in the current US Government, who act like corrupt cops in a police force. The danger is in the power their positions lend them to be able to exploit it for the NWO's agenda.

Using Mental Illness to Advance the Agenda:
Under the guise of enhancing public safety in the wake of the recent mass shootings including Sandy Hook, the NWO is now laying the groundwork for their most powerful weapon of all. By deeming any "mentally ill" person a danger and requiring the creation and maintaining of a "mental illness" list to prohibit them from obtaining guns, they will now be able to eliminate you as a threat to their agenda.

If you have ever been through a divorce, custody hearing, legal proceeding, bankruptcy, or court dispute, then a doctor or psychologist can say you are "unfit" or "a danger to the public" based on what you say or do (including filing a lawsuit or being on the receiving end of one). This will prohibit you from owning or possessing gun, for the safety of the public.

Sick, huh? If you have ever had to deal with a custody hearing with another party who played dirty, you already know how it goes. They (the opposing party) chooses a psychiatrist to "evaluate" the children or even yourself. I cannot tell you how many friends have been done dirty by a bought and paid for psychiatrist. How does this fit into The Big Picture? The NWO is picking off people they deem a threat by using similar tactics. They are now going to be using the "mental illness problem" to keep "undesirables" from having guns.

Translation to the above story? If you ever oppose ANY of the powerful elite, they will go into overtime to brand you as "mentally ill" so they can limit you, take away your rights, and ultimately destroy you.

Where have we seen this in history before? Nazi Germany, Hitler perfected it. Before Hitler took power and went ahead with his plan, he made a path to power by getting his enemies put away in psych wards and jails under false pretenses.

The War Against Home Ownership
The NWO does not want you to own anything of value. Your paycheck is continually under attack by inflation, rising gas prices, and commodity prices (food). They will not be satisfied until every PENNY of your paycheck is used on consumables and paying THEIR COMPANIES. You pay for gasoline for your car that is on payments, to drive back and forth to your house that is mortgaged to them.

But, the NWO is greedy. They cannot have the threat of you owning your home outright, paid off. The NWO's tactics know no bounds to steal your home away from you. The recent mortgage crisis was a scheme to overlend money to consumers by inflating the price of homes and then crashing them down. (This was done in collusion by appraisers, lenders, and FannieMae, but way too much info to get into here).

The NWO will use what we call third parties to get your home away from you. I have heard many horror stories about being frivolously sued and having corrupt judges hand over homes to third parties, and even being kidnapped and having the property records changed at the county recorder with all previous real estate documents "disappearing."

I have personally overheard meetings in which it has been agreed upon by these people, that the goal is to render every citizen a renter. They are seeking a return to a feudal land ownership system, in which a handful of people own most of the land and homes, and the "commonfolk" must rent their land from them. Combine this with the rising cost of commodities (oil, food) and they will have you where they want you; as a debt slave. You will own nothing, but work for them day in and day out. You will be working for them, whether you know it or not. Your children will not enjoy the freedom of a free market capitalist system. They will be born into debt, more so than today, to the point where living will be too expensive. The NWO will have achieved three goals: 1) Curb white population growth while promoting the growth of minorities who will continue to receive incentives for having children (health, food, housing), further promoting their "global" agenda. 2) With ownership of most homes in America (and eventually the world) they can set rents as high as they please, and more importantly as any renter knows, have the rights of a landlord, which includes eviction if they don't like what you do for a living, or seem undesirable in your views or religious beliefs (Christians, you know where you stand in their eyes). 3) You will have lost your property rights. This includes protecting your home. There is a big difference between owning your home and renting one. (Don't believe me, try renting one, see how it goes). You are legally limited by the act of renting, and can in most cases be evicted in 30 days or less for almost anything. What the big problem, I don't cause trouble you might say. Well if you haven't noticed, even believing in basic values these days is enough for you to be labeled as an "enemy."

Shariah Law
I will keep this brief. The NWO hates religion because it is a base for people to do morally upright things. In many of their failures, the root cause continues to be religious people who will not do what the NWO want, because it conflicts with a religious moral code. NWO seeks to put Islam on a pedestal, and has been driving hard using churches and pastors to promote Chrislam - the blending of Christianity and Islam, basically saying they are the same religion and worship the same God. (Absurd, I know. Search the term Chrislam and see all the ruckus). This watering down of Judeo-Christian values is essential in the continuing erosion of moral values in America and the world. NWO wants everyone to be down for their agenda: drugs, sex (prostitution and promiscuity), violence and murder. They all have to be "cool" and accepted by society so NWO can continue to make money. NWO is made up of some very notorious drug dealers/pimps.
Bottom line: Shariah Law is another method of bypassing the US Constitution and prohibiting free speech of Americans.

The Plan to Stop Supply, and How the Mark of the Beast is Brought Into Play
The NWO's plan is simple: unite every country in the world under one authoritarian body with one set of rules, laws, and database.
For too long, the NWO has felt that it's power has been hampered by different countries laws and boundaries. Once the NWO is able to unite all countries under one governmental authority, this problem will no longer stand in its way.

The NWO will create a catastrophe resulting in disruptions in supply lines of food and oil. For reference to what happens when a supply of food or oil is cut off for more than 24 hours, look at the effects of Hurricane Sandy. For decades the NWO has been working to consolidate power by having companies merge into ever larger entities and increasingly choice is limited, and handled by just a few very large corporations, utilizing very few points of transit and supply lines.

The NWO will offer a "solution" in the form of a "mark" that a person will be told they must take on their hand or forehead. It will be a chip, they will tout it will enhance security, and end the problems of identity theft, enhance your privacy, and stop terrorism. Without the chip, you will not be able to buy or sell or trade. Hence you will be "forced out" of society, and buying any food or utilities. But hey, it's for the public good. You don't have anything to hide, do you? Expect an iPhone type campaign to advertise the utilitarianism of this new "chip." With this chip, they will have unfettered access 24 hours a day to any human being on the planet, able to monitor EVERYTHING you are doing. The chip will interface with a supercomputer or series of supercomputers that store - every - single - bit - of - information - forever. Finally they will be able to target and eliminate ALL their enemies. All the CHRISTIANS, JEWS, and God Fearing People who don't fit into their plan, and who harbor values that go against their Satanic conspiracy.

This will allow them to target and eliminate "troublemakers" in record time. No longer must they rely on spying on your computer, credit cards, and cell phone. Any person with enough status in their group (NWO) will have access this system, and to you. Hitler would be proud of such a system.
Yes, this is the Mark of the Beast spoken of in The Holy Bible.

Said "chip" is already being produced.

And yes, as it says in the bible, once you take such a chip, it will doom you to eternal hell. Interpret this how you may. If history is any indicator, the ground work is laid in advance, and action will be taken by them when they sense the time is right.

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Re: The Big Picture: Shariah Law, Mental Illness, and the Mark of the Beast
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I have been thinking about this chip lately too with the new iphones! With the ability to pay with them and identifying the user with fingerprint on the touchscreen?! NO THANK YOU. As if the tracking and control weren't bad enough as it is, now they're using fingerpritnts and tracking your literal steps with their so called "health apps". NWO polluting our food, causint obesity and increasing our dependence on their processed lies so we are no longer capable of taking our of ourselfs and sustaining our lifes on OUR LAND with real NGMO crops. Are the iphone 8's going to have brain implants in a few years for the same thing to track us?
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