Author Topic: ARAB SPRING: G7 Intel ops in Egypt kidnap Saddam lookalike to make fake porn  (Read 1812 times)

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Another Bilderberg benefit of the ARAB SPRING which is turning into the ARAB GENOCIDE...

SAS/MI6/CIA/Mossad/Saud Intel are just going around and kidnapping people based on looks to create fake porn videos to discredit Arab leaders (alive or dead). We already know the CIA admitted to this project of doing a fake gay porn of Osama Bin Laden years ago. But now, with 80 million new Arab slaves to the corporate banksters...they have a much larger inventory of human capital to play with, exploit, murder, repe, torture, etc.

That was the purpose of the Arab Spring and the same operations are going on in the US under the cover of the #OccupyWallStreet movement. The same players, the same tactics, the same media spin, the same Facebook/Twitter/Google behavioral modification and tactical assessments. The same analytics of friendly/enemy nodes, their networks, and the posse's to find the 'hidden' nodes.

Anyway, check it out for yourselves...

ARAB SPRING: G7 Intel ops in Egypt kidnap Saddam lookalike to discredit former dictator with forced porn
By David Edwards Monday, October 10, 2011

An enterprising gang of porn producers kidnapped a Saddam Hussein lookalike last week, with the hopes of forcing him to perform in a sex tape that they planned to sell as “found footage.” Mohamed Bishr told Ahram Online that three men in black suits forced him into a van while he was on his way to a cafe in Alexandria, Egypt last Sunday. “The three men, who had guns hanging from their belts, forced me out of my car and shoved me into a van, hitting my head,” Bishr recalled from his hospital bed. But he caught a break when the men began arguing amongst themselves and eventually tossed him out of the van. Bishr had earlier refused an offer from an unidentified group that offered him $333,000 to appear as Hussein in a sex tape, according to his son, Mahmoud. The son said that the group had threatened to kidnap or hurt him if he didn’t comply. Bishr, a devout Egyptian Muslim, has been been forced to move four times because harassment due to his resemblance to Hussein.  “We asked the police to put special protection on our father, because this has happened to us several times,” Mahmoud said.
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